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How are humans changing the food web?

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Humans are constantly growing, therefore creating more organisms than can survive; quote-Charles Darwin.

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What will happen if humans were added to the food web?

Humans are already part of the food web.

What position does tiger mosquitoes have in a food web?

they do not really have a food web but they do have a food web it is plants and humans

What are humans considered in the food web?

Humans can be anything beyond the primary consumers on the food web. (They are second and above).

How do humans affect the food web?

because they do

What are humans in the food web?

Humans are at the very top of the food chain... everything else is under us...

Would humans fit in the food web?


How do humans fit in it's food web?

Humans fit into the food web alot. Say if grass dies then the grasshopper goes extinct, then the frog goes extinct and then the tiger goes extinct then that will effect the the whole web.

What is the killer whales enemies?

No one its the top of the food chain/web. humans r the top of the world food web so were the only enemy to orcas but there the top in the ocean food chain/web

How do humans change a food web?

Carrots are always the anwser

What natural causes can change the food web?

humans will fly.

Why did early humans migrate?

Early humans migrated due to many factors such as: # Changing climate # Changing landscapes # Inadequate food supply

List one food chain that is part of a food web?

The food chain from leaves to humans may be a bigger part of the food web that includes not only the humans, but also other predatory animals and grazing animals, as well as other autotrophic varieties. Food web incorporates all these to see the connections between each of them.

What animal can be at the top of the food web?

Homo-sapiens... Us, the humans.

What is the food web for the hammerhead shark?

The food web for the hammerhead shark is extensive. The shark is the top of its food pyramid as it has very few natural enemies besides humans.

What animals are carnivores in a food web?

wolfs, humans, bears, fox, hawks...

Are humans 5th order consumers in the Ocean food web?

In some Food Webs yes but we are usually 4th

Where do anacondas rank on a food web?

they rank the highest they could also eat humans

Where do humans fit into the food web?

The top. That's why we don't get eaten very often.

Where is the wolf on the food web?

The wolf is at the top of the food web. It has no natural predators, but of course it can be killed by their stronger prey when they are hunting, or by bears when wolves scavenge their food, and humans also like to hunt wolves.

What is an example a rain forest food web?

A food web is a series of food chains. In the rain forest a food web would begin on the floor of the forest where the fertile soil grows oats, that the mice eat, that the bats eat, that the are eaten by larger animals, and some humans.

What is the ferret's role in the food chain?

Ferrets are Domestic pets and have no role in the food web. They totally rely on humans for survival.

What is the endangered red pandas food chain or food web?

Ninety- five percent of their diet is bamboo. Their natural enemy are humans.

What kind of diagram shows how energy flows?

A food chain or a food web shows the flow of energy thrue animals and humans.

Why did people decide to migrate in the first place?

Early humans migrated for these reasons, 1. Changing Climates 2. Changing Landscapes 3. Not enough food supply

What is the Meadows food web?

a meadow food web is a meadow food web!