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well insect eyes are smaller and more poopier and human eyes are more bigger poo than the insects.

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How is the vision of insects and arachnids different?

arachnids have eight eyes

What is the difference between simple and compound eyes and what does each do?

Human beings have simple eyes. Many insects have compound eyes. Each of these eyes point in a slightly different direction. It helps insects avoid danger.

How many eyes do insects have?

How many eyes do insects have?

Do all insects have eyes?

not all insects have eyes

What features do insects have?

Insects have many different features. Some of these features include wings, stingers, hard shells, and eyes with many different lenses.

Do all insects have compound eyes?

All insects do not have compound eyes. Insects like flies possess compound eyes and bees have a combination of compound eyes and single lens eyes. Some insects only have single lens eyes.

The kind of eyes that insects have?

Insects can have a number of eyes and moreover, eyes of different types; single eyes and compound ones. In contrast with our eyes, insect eyes are immovable and unable to focus. Insects are short sighted. Butterflies are probably the most far sighted, they can see perhaps a few meters, while bumblebees only have a range of a half meter. But many insects are helped a lot by their sometimes unbelievable sensitivity for scents.

Why are peoples eyes shaped differently?

Because of all the different genes. Its like saying why are hair colours different?

Do insects have more than 2 eyes?

It's a tricky question because insects have two kinds of eyes. There are simple eyes and compound eyes. Some insects just have one type, others have both types. The simple answer is, most insects have two eyes, but several of them have five eyes.

What is a insects simple eyes function?

The function of an insects simple eyes is to see. This is the function for eyes on most living creatures.

Do stick insects have eyes?

Yes they do have eyes.

How many eyes do most insects have?

they have 2 eyes

What is a fly eyes called?

Insects have compound eyes.

What insects can be found in some peoples beds?


Does an insect have simple or compound eyes?

Insects have Compund Eyes.

Can peoples eyes change color?


Do orangutans have pupils in there eyes?

Apart from the facet Eyes of insects, all Eyes have pupils.

How does a butterfly see?

Butterflies have large compound eyes, just like most other insects do. Compound eyes have many lenses instead of just one like our eyes and they allow insects to see in many different directions at once, which helps them know when there are predators or other dangers around.

What is different from peoples to dogs?

Its there floppy ears

Do stick insects have eyes if so how many?

Yes, two eyes.

How do peoples eyes change color?

some people are born to have their eyes like that

Why is it important for peoples eyes to remain moist?

To keep your eyes from drying out. Dry eyes can cause your eyes to be bloodshot!!!!

How are insects different from spiders?

Spiders are different from insects because they have 8 legs and insects have 6.

Contrast the functions of an insects compound eyes and simple eyes?

Simple eyes generally see further and more in-depth. Compound eyes consist of multiple lenses and allow the animal to see from many different directions at the same time.

Can you look fat in your own eyes but look skinny in other peoples eyes?


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