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How are lagoons formed?

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A lagoon forms when a body of water is enclosed behind a barrier reef. It can also form together with the formation of an atoll, it being the body of water in the middle of the atoll. A lagoon is a body of comparatively shallow salt or brackish water separated from the deeper sea.

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Why are lagoons formed by the erosional work of rivers?

False. They are formed by erosional work of oceans

How were the lagoons of Puerto Rico formed?

They are all artificial, PR does not have any natural lagoons.

How many types of lagoons are there?

coastal lagoons and aerated lagoons

Why dont flamingos live in deep lakes or lagoons?

they live in lagoons becase no one goes in most of the lagoons and they live in lake beacase SAME THING AS LAGOONS I HATE U PPL

What kinds of reefs form lagoons?

Atoll reefs form lagoons.

How do you spell lagoons?

That is the correct spelling of the plural word "lagoons" (ponds).

Why are lagoons blue?

Lagoons are blue beacuse they are usually clean, and are very shallow. Lagoons are usually on islands, such as, Hawaii, Comino (Malta), etc..

Ruthless st rules?

There are more than two types of land forms formed by water. A few examples would be SEA CAVES, Beaches, Waterfalls, and lagoons.

What do you find in lagoons?

fish and monsters...

When were the lagoons of New Caledonia inscribed a world heritage site?

The lagoons of New Caledonia were made a national heritage site in 2008.

Name two lagoons in the western coast of india?

Ghandi Sagar and Sambhar lake are two lagoons on the western coast of India.

How many lagoons are there in the world?

It would be very difficult to determine the number of lagoons in the world. They are a very common coastal feature around the world.

What is a lagoon maker?

a person that makes lagoons!

Which Indian state is famous for its lagoons?


Which Indian city is famous for its lagoons?


What is the temperature range in lagoons?

25 degrees?

Can you name two animals that inhabit lagoons?

I need an answer

Are there fish in lagoons?

Yes there are a wide range of fish.

What does iceland like to do for fun?

go to the blue lagoons

Are there many lagoons are in Guatemala?

There are really only five lagoons. These include Lemoa Lagoon, El Pino Lagoon, Ayarza Lagoon, Yolnabaj Lagoon, and Magdalena Lagoon.

Various features formed by the agents of erosion?

The various feature formed are lagoons , deltas ,moraines , loess , mushroom rocks , wind blown deppressions , headlands , sea caves , beaches , stacks , stumps and sea cliffsBY PRANAV SHANKAR OF NATIONAL HILL VIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL

What tree grows in swamps an lagoons of the south?

Cypress tree

Where is the American crocodile located?

swamps lakes lagoons and wetlands

What fraction of the European Union begins with the letter L?


What is the help word of sharks lagoons game TEASING?