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How are markings graphics and paint jobs put on police cars?


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They are usually decals.


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Cars are not made out of paint.

Well, I paint my police cars by first lightly sanding the area I will be painting in (so the paint sticks better). I use gloss metal spray paint. Let it dry, and your done.

There is no standard collective noun for police cars.The standard collective noun for police is a posse of police.The standard collective noun for cars is a fleet of cars.When there is no specific collective noun, any noun that suits the situation can be used, for example a chase of police cars, a procession of police cars, a swarm of police cars, etc.

yes, pre 1974 matchbox cars contain lead paint mixture, hotwheels cars contain lead paint upto and including 1978.

One can find cool paint jobs for cars by going to the Cars Direct website. The website describes different levels of paint jobs and what can be done with those paint jobs.

The UAE police cars are usually Bentley. These are the patrol cars that the police in UAE use.

Red police cars are driven by the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) which is a branch of the Metropolitan Police.

Police cars have sirens.

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police cars can actually go up to 200ks! wow!

Police cars will generally be standard large engined models.

Yes, most police cars do. But they are really called GPS systems, not trackers.

Cellulose will remove any paint

Attending police auctions is a way to buy cars from the government or law enforcement.

If your into the adobe look.may save your paint if you live in the desert.

Chicago is famous for having only Blue lights on its police cars

The Park Police don't have green cars. They have white cars with a blue strip. As far as Border Patrol. They do have a green strip but it is just what was picked by that agency as the color. Just like the color on any other department. The color doesn't have to have a meaning.

To warn other cars it is coming through!

Police officers drive in cars because they need to catch people who are speeding and to get to an emergency quickly.

You can only get Police NOOSE cars if you have a four star wanted level.

The first police cars were in Ohio in the year 1899 which were then run by electricity.

Well where I live they have Charger's as police cars.

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