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How about if we expand it a bit and just compare plant (orange) cells to animal (human) cells? There are many similarities between the two types of cells when we look at the organelles found inside the cells. Both are eukaryotic cells; in other words, both cells contain a nucleus. Other organelles in common between the two cells include the endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, peroxisomes, and mitochondria. Both cells also contain a plasma membrane, a cytoskeleton composed of the same types of proteins, and ribosomes.

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Q: How are orange cells similar to human body cells?
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What parts of the human body are similar to the cells?

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What ways are nerve cells similar to other cells?

There all nerves in the human body

How are mitosis and meiosis similar but different?

Mitosis is the multiplication of cells, which mean any cell in the human body. Meiosis, is the multiplication of reproductive cells in the human body

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They are both cells

How can plant cells be compared to a human body?

They have similar organelles in their cells (parts of the cell)

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In the body of a human or other complex organism a group of similar cells performing similar functions is called an?


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What do yeast cells have in common with human cells?

The types of proteins that are found in yeast cells are very similar to those also found in the human body. That is why it is sometimes difficult for our body's immune system to detect them and fight them off.

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Without cells a human body can't function.

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Human body? That last estimate was about a trillion cells in the human body.

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The cheek cells and skin cells are similar becuase they both are cells they are on the body.

Are most of the human body cells brain cells?

There are ten to fifty trillion cells in the human body.

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The human body is composed of cells.

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they are cells found in the human body

How are the cells of the human body similar to individuals in a society that work in groups to accomplish shared goals?