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Organelles organize and compartmentalize various functions into specific places within the cell. A cell has to synthesize protein while at the same time degrade other proteins for energy. Having these function take place in different organelles creates an efficiency.


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no not all organelles have cells but cells can be in organelles

Cells have organelles; organelles don't have cells. Or, to put it a different way, organelles are to cell as your organs are to you.

Yes, cells have organelles. The organelles are like the organs of the cell.

All cells have organelles.

Nerve cells do have organelles

Eukaryotic cells have organelles.

No, there are organelles found in plant cells and not in animal cells. But there are no organelles in animal cells that plant cells don't have.

Animal cells use organelles (so do plant cells). Cells with organelles are called "eukaryotic" which means these are cells that have a nucleus (which is one of the organelles).

Organelles are found in the cytoplasm of cells.

Yes, sperm cells do have organelles.

Prokaryotic cells are cells that do not have organelles with membranes around them.

Organelles are found inside the cells, where they have their individual functions. The proper functioning of all of the organelles is important to maintain life. To read more about organelles on, click on the Related Link.

This question was originally which cells do NOT have organelles, it must have been edited, to clarify, only EUKARYOTIC cells have organelles, prokaryotic cells don't, Another answerer said all cells have organelles, this was a farse.

Plant cells have certain specialized organelles that animal cells do not need. These organelles are the cell wall and chloroplasts.

Why do cells have organelles According to my view cells have organelles in order to perform the particular functions take place within the cell.

There are NO organelles found in the cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells.Organelles are only found in eukaryotic cells.

yes animal cells and plant cells do have organelles

cells with no organelles are prokaryotes--bacteria and such.

There is a theory that organelles in eukaryotic cells may be from more primitive cells. The reason for this is that some organelles have their own DNA.

Organelles are found in cells

at are the organelles of nucleolus

Yes, and they are very similar to human cell organelles. All cells have organelles when they finish maturing.

No, it is sort of the other way around. Cells contain organelles.

Ribosomes are the only organelles found in bacteria cells.

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