How are poles of earth fixed?

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By the axis of earths rotation

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Q: How are poles of earth fixed?
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How are the poles of earth fixed?

By the axis of earths rotation

Are the magnetic poles of a magnet and the geographic poles of earth in the same places?

The earth's Geographic Poles are located at the earth's axis of rotation. The earth's Magnetic Poles are located nearby (within a few hundred kilometres), but not at a fixed location because they 'wander'. The magnetic polarity of the location we call 'Magnetic North' is south because it attracts the 'north (-seeking)' pole of a magnet or compass needle.

How are the poles of the Earth Fixed?

They're not. We know that every once in a while they switch places, and that they're constantly drifting a small amount.

Do lines of latitude divide the globe into units called poles?

No, line of latitude (and longitude) divide the earth into degrees, minutes and seconds. Poles are fixed points at the extreme north and south of the planet.

Why is the earth flattened at the poles?

The Earth is Flattened at the Poles because of the Centrifugal force of the Earth

What is true about Earth's poles?

geographic poles are defined by earth's rotation apex:)

Does the earth spin on its true poles or magnetic poles?

Magnetic poles

How do the Earth's magnetic poles differ from the geographic poles?

Geographic poles are fixed locations defined by Earth's rotational axis. They are 90% of latitude above and below the equator (circumference is greatest there due to the rotational "bulge"). The magnetic poles are governed by the rotating electric currents in the liquid iron around Earth's core. The poles can migrate in any direction by up to 15 km (9 miles) per year, and do not need to be antipodal (on exact opposite sides of the planet).

Why are objects on earth not attracted to the two poles of the earth?

Because the to poles of the Earth aren't magnets. That's why

Why don't the Earth's geographic poles coincide with the magnetic poles?

because of core of our earth.

How do the poles help cool the Earths temperature?

how do the earth's poles help cool the earth's temp

How do the the poles helps cool the earths temperature?

how do the earth's poles help cool the earth's temp

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