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Solar and wind energy don't expel CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels do.

Also wind and solar energy are renewable energies. Fossil fuels will eventually run out.

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Q: How are solar energy and wind differ from fossil fuels?
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How are fossil fuels an indirect form of solar energy?

Fossil fuels are an indirect form of solar energy because solar energy was used to sustain the plant life,through photosynthesis, that is now now part of the fossil fuels.

How does solar energy reduce the use of fossil fuels?

Most countries burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.If they used solar power to generate electricity, thenThey would not have to use so much fossil fuel.Solar Energy itself does not reduce the use of fossil fuels. But the use of solar energy should hopefully reduce the need of fossil fuels to create energy, so therefore the more we can use solar power as an energy source instead of fossil fuels, the more we reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Solar energy is contained in what?

fossil fuels

Why should solar energy be considered as an alternative to fossil fuels?

Solar energy is a potential alternative for fossil fuels. It is a renewable source of energy and will be available as long as the sun lasts.

How are fossil fuels a form of solar energy?


How can fossil fuels be used as solar energy?

The hydrocarbons used in the fossil fuel are the product of photosynthesis, that took place in the plants of carboniferous age. Since photosynthesis require solar energy, these fossil fuels have also been derived from solar energy.

Why is solar energy good to fossil fuels?

because solar energy is renewable (never gets used up), solar energy is energy from the sun, it will never run out....fossil fuels such as oil coal and gas are getting used up fast, they are non renewable and so it is a big using solar energy is good to fossil fuel because then the fossil fuels will not get used up.

Are fossil fuels stored solar energy?

Yes, the energy in fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) came originally from the sun.

What are two advantages of solar energy over fossil fuels?


Why is solar power not used as much as fossil fuels?

They have been the most efficient energy source available

Is solar energy fossil fuel?

No it isn't a fossil fuel. Fossil fuels include coal and oil.

How would solar heated building and floors and walls reduce fossil fuels?

Fossil Fuels are used to heat buildings, floors, and walls. Solar Energy can be used in place of fossil fuels and does not require them. Therefore fossil fuel use can be reduced by using solar heating.