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sound waves are created by producing the vibrations in air

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When was Waves of Sound created?

Waves of Sound was created in 2000.

When was The Sound of Waves created?

The Sound of Waves was created in 1954.

What makes sound waves?

Sound Waves are created by vibrations, even air too!

What are the differences between water waves and sound waves?

sound waves are created by things that make sounds like sombody speaking or instruments. water waves are created by wind.

What types of waves are created by a jackhammer?

It is a form of sound waves.

What property of sound waves determines how loud the sound is?

The property is amplitude. Sound waves are pressure waves, and the higher the amplitude, the higher the pressure created, and the louder the sound is.

How does thx sound work?

sound is created by sound waves due to friction. soundwaves are just waves until an eardrun , etc receives it. sound is also created by air particles. so if there was no air then no sound

What is the definition of sound waves?

Sound is a longitudinal pressure wave of audible sound. It is a series of sound pressure waves that moves through air or other materials. These sound waves are created by the vibration of some object.

How is sound formed?

sound waves are created when air collides and makes a loud noise

Are ocean waves and sound waves different?

ocean waves have to do with water and sound waves have to do with sound

Does sound produce waves?

Yes sound does produce waves. These special waves are called sound waves.

What is the difference from lower sound waves and higher sound waves?

higher sound waves are shorter and lower sound waves have longer.

On what factors quality of sound depend for sound created by mechanical vibrations?

The quality of a sound depends on the component waves

Does a soft sound have tall waves?

No, soft sound waves have short waves. Loud sound waves are the ones that have tall waves.

Are sound waves longitudinal waves?

Yes. Sound waves are longitudinal waves.

What are examples of longitudinal waves?

sound waves, seismic wavessound waves

How is sound created on the guitar?

When a guitar string is plucked, it vibrates. The vibration of the string causes pressure waves in the air. The pressure waves are called "sound".

How are sound waves and light waves created?

transistions of electrons produce light and vibration of substances producesound

How is the sound produced from the viola?

When the string vibrates the sound is created, once the sound is created the waves go into the viola. The "wind cylinder" or rather inside the viola amplifies the sound.

What do sound waves carry?

Sound waves carry sound

Why are sound waves are described as pressure waves?

Sound waves are described as pressure waves because waves produces pressure by which sound is produces

Which variables affect sound?

Sound is created from the vibrations created by objects. It can be affected by the speed and intensity of the vibration as well as the medium in which the sound waves are carried through.

What does sound travel on?

Waves; sound waves.

Sound waves are example of what?

sound waves are a example of mechanical waves

How is echo made?

Echos are created by the reflection of sound waves from a surface.