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Q: How are static and magnetic energy related?
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For a permanent magnet where is the energy associated to the magnetic field of the magnet stored?

For both the magnetic and electric (static) fields, energy is considered to be stored in the field.

Can metals produce static electricity?

no metals can not create electro magnetic energy

Is Magnetic energy related to electric energy?

An electronic currant run through a copper coil will create a magnetic field.

Electricity could be converted into what forms of energy?

Hydraulic Pnematic magnetic heat static rotating light

What is the force experienced by a static charge placed in the magnetic field?

The force Experienced is a transfer of energy that cancels itself out. 8=D

How is lighting related to static electricity?

Of cours they are the same because both of them have the same type of energy

How is static energy created?

static energy obviously can not be created or destroyed

How are the energy and wavelength of electro magnetic radiation related?

The Relationship is the 'Flux' of the magnetic field.Changing the amount of energy will not effect the wavelength (except to choke off the field when it becomes too dense)and increasing the wavelength will increase the energy density (flux)

Is there magnetic energy in the universe?

yes there is a magnetic energy in the universe

What magnetic field is it when your hair sticks to your comb?

static electricity

Is a static magnet a permanent magnet?

Yes, maybe, but probably not. This is not the most common way of describing matters and the term "static magnet" does not have a defined meaning and established usage, so one can not know the meaning when there is no context. The other similar phase is "static magnetic field." One often uses the phase "static magnetic field" to refer to a magnetic field that does not change for a period of time. The source of that magnetic field can be anything and need not be a permanent magnet. The typical solenoid is designed to produce a magnetic field which is typically of fixed strength for a period of time. Such a field arises in an electromagnetic and not a permanent magnet, but is nonetheless a "static magnetic field."

What is static energy in Australia?

Static energy is when two objects are rubbed together and then cause a friction.