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How are taxes collected?

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They are collected by the state.

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Who collected the taxes in medieval times?

the church collected most of the taxes

Who collected taxes for the king in ancient Egypt?

The Chief Collected The Taxes.

How are federal taxes collected?

Federal taxes are collected by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

Which of following taxes is collected by panchayat?

The Panchayat collected the house taxes that was used for rural development.

Why are taxes collected?

Taxes are collected from subjects (or citizens)by governments so they have money with which they can do things and pay people.

How much slave taxes were collected by the us during slavery?

How much taxes were collected from slavery in the u.s.

What were the chaukidari taxes?

Taxes collected to pay the Village Watchmen

What are intrastate taxes?

taxes collected within a state's boundaries.

Who collected taxes for the sultan?


What describes intrastate taxes?

taxes collected within a states boundaries

How are the taxes on employees' earnings collected?

Taxes on employees' earnings are collected through the use of quarterly payments to the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. Taxes on employees' earnings are also collected individually from employees at the end of a tax year if taxes previously paid were not sufficient enough to pay total taxes owed.

Which taxes are collected on the sales of gasoline and used to construct highways?

Excise Taxes.

Taxes differ from tariffs because taxes are what?

Collected on domestic economic activity

Taxes collected by port officals?


What was the duties of a Tudor king?

They collected taxes.

What kind of taxes are consumption collected as?


What did the pharaoh collected from the peasant farmers?


Which of the following statements about taxes is false?

Taxes are collected at the local, state and federal level

Compare and contrast why taxes were collected in the past and why they are collected today?

seema nayak seema nayak

What is the difference between a tax and a tariff?

Taxes are collected internally while tariffs are collected on imports.

What are taxes collected by port officials called?


Money collected by the government through taxes?

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What powers did nobles have in medieval times?

they collected taxes

What are the taxes that are collected in India at present?

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How were taxes collected in the olden days?

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