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Arthropod is a phylum within the vertebrate kingdom. Arthropods have a backbone.

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arthropods go under the category of invertebrates. An invertebrate is an animal with no back bone and a vertebrate is an animal with a back bone.

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they are not are similar .because vertebrates have vertebra(its there bones)

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Q: How are the arthropods and vertebrates similar?
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How are vertebrates different from mollusk and arthropods?

Vertebrates have spinal cords. Mollusks and arthropods do not.

Are crabs vertebrates or in vertebrates?

They are qualified as invertebrates and belong to the group of arthropods or crustaceans

Do tarantula have vertebrae?

No, they are arthropods, in particular arachnids, not vertebrates.

What classification do arthropods and reptiles?

It's a phylum.

Some arthropods are vertebrates true or false?


Do crabs have a bakbone?

No, crabs are invertebrates and like all arthropods do not have a backbone or spine. Their skeleton is on the outside, called an exoskeleton, and performs similar functions to the skeletons of vertebrates.

Are toads arthropods?

Toads are vertebrates, which are animals having backbones. Arthropods are invertebrate animals having exoskeletons and no backbones.

The first land animals belong to which group A arthropods B echinoderms C mollusks D vertebrates?

A. Arthropods

Are scorpions vertebrates?

Scorpions are not vertebrates. They do not have a backbone and are classified as invertebrates.

Arthropods invaded land about 100 million years before vertebrates did so This most clearly implies that?

Arthropods have had more time to co-evolve with land plants than other vertebrates.

Are arthropods vertebrates?

No, they are not. Vertebrates have vertebra, which are the bones in the spinal column. Arthropods are a group of animals that have no backbone but what's called an exoskeleton. a 'skeleton' outside the body like a shell.No they are invertebrates under the group ArthropodaArthropods are invertebrates

Are eels crustaceans?