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All of the things he invented are in very good use 'today'.

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Is Michael Faraday still relevant?

Michael Faraday was an English scientist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include that of electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis.

Which early discoveries are still being studied?

the discoveries that are still being studied are finding things

Is the constitution still relevant today?

There is not an actual anwser to if the constituion is relevant or not.

Is the Declaration of Independence still relevant today?

Yes it is still relevant in some parts

Is the Olympics still relevant today?

The Olympics is still relevant in the 21 century, it was held in 2012 at London, and next time will be in Brazil. this tells us that The Olympics will be relevant forever!

What is a sentence for wholly?

"The old American purposes are still wholly relevant" (John F. Kennedy).Meaning still completely relevant- or still completely of importance.

Are folksongs still relevant today?


How is the Gettysburg Address still relevant today?

we are still in a war

How is The Crucible relevant to present day audiences?

The Crucible is still relevant today as mass fear, and political scapegoating still occurs.

Is the war still relevant today?

Of course it's relevant. There are wars happening as we speak.

Is The Simpsons relevant anymore?

Relevant in what way exactly? To pop culture? Certainly not in the way it was in its heyday but sure it's still relevant.

Are the 20 pound notes with Michael Faraday's picture still legal tender?

These £20 notes featuring Michael Faraday were withdrawn from circulation in 2001. They are no longer 'legal tender' but can be changed for ones in circulation at the discretion of a bank. However, they are always payable at the Bank of England in Threadneedle St., London.

Is feminism still relevant today?

yes it is.

Is Singapore river still relevant?


Is Michael Douglas still alive?

I Michael Douglas still alive?

Will the xbox 360 still be relevant in 5 years?

The Xbox 360 will probably not be relevant in five years.

are traditional packaging materials still relevant?

Traditional packing materials such as foam peanuts and bubble wrap are still relevant as they are cost effective and widely used.

Is Michael Winslow still alive?

Michael Winslow is still alive. He acts and is a comedian still.

Why is Hephaestus still relevant?

Is it because Mt Etna is still emitting smoke?

Is the study of literature still relevant today?


Why are greek myths still relevant today?

Coz it is

Is The Great Gatsby still relevant today?


Is Michael Jackson still famous?

Yes, Michael Jackson is still famous.

Is monastic spirituality still relevant in the twentieth century world?

For some people, it is not only relevant, it is a spiritual calling.

Is religion still relevant?

Yes.AnswerAlthough fewer and fewer people, at least in Western countries, follow any religion, it will always be relevant as long as there are still adherents of religion.