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A state's governor is directly elected by its registered voters. The U. S. president (and vice president) is elected by a group of electors appointed by the states.

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The governor and lieutenant governor have separate tickets. They do not get elected together like the president and vice-president.

Sam Houston -- First Governor of Tennessee, then President of Texas, then Governor of Texas

Those offices are completely separate, so yes, they are elected separately. The vice-president is elected with the president, while a lieutenant governor is elected with a governor.

Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas before he was elected president.

The president that was governor before he was elected was George W. Bush. He became the 43rd U.S. president and ran for two terms.

Governor of state in India is not a elected body. He is just appointed by the President of the India.

President George W. Bush is the US president that was twice elected the governor of Texas. He served as governor from January 17, 1995 to December 21, 2000.

Argentina is a sovereign country and has an elected President, not a governor.

Woodrow Wilson was the governor of New Jersey when he was elected President. He did not immediately resign as governor but finished up some state business before he quit.

Woodrow Wilson was the NJ governor who became president.

yes i-- Being a governor has no direct relation to being elected president. (It is just one of many past experiences that votes may view favorably when they vote for president.)

No. His first elected position was President of the US. He did not seek an elected office after that.

ArkansasBill Clinton was the Arkansas governor that became president.

In general, the president has more power of the Governor.

1. The governor represents a state; the president represents a country. 2. The governor is elected by popular vote; the president is elected by the electoral college. 3. The governor usually runs separate from his 2nd in command (Lt. Governor); the president runs with his VP on one ticket. 4. Age requirements -- not sure what your state's requirements are but they are usually less for governor.

Woodrow Wilson was a New Jersey governor before becoming President.

Woodrow Wilson was president of Princeton when he was elected governor of New Jersey.

He was 52 years old in 1976 when he was elected President. He was 39 when he won his office as a state senator and 46 when he was elected governor.

Before becoming president, Bill Clinton served two terms as governor of Arkansas.

He was govenor. he never was the president.

Harding was a US Senator from Ohio and the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio before he was elected President.

No. But he was elected as the first president.

No. He was a Representative and then a Senator before being elected President.