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the particels are barely moving

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Does gas have fast moving particles?

yes. gas has the fastest moving particles and a solid has the slowest moving particles and particles in a liquid are moving faster than solid particles but not as fast as gas particles.

What are the particles doing solid?

The particles are moving very slowly.

How does the arrangement of the particles in a liquid compare to that of a gas?

the particles in a solid are arranged tightly and not moving the particles in gas are moving fast and sepparted

Are the particles in a solid moving or still?

Technically, all particles in a Solid, Liquid, or Gas are moving. But a gas moves the fastest, liquid fast, but not as fast as gas, and solid moves the slowest.

Which form of water has particles moving the slowest?

Ice is the form of water that has particles moving the slowest. This is because the water is solid and the particles are tightly compacted.

Do forces in a solid keep the particles from moving?

no it does not but the particles move slower then it would if it is a liquid, or a gas.

How does the particles in solid states move around?

Solid matter in reality is in motion, the difference between a solid and a liquid is the the solids particles are slower moving and packed tighter together.

What causes the particles in a solid to vibrate?

a wavelength can be add to a sound particle that couses a high vibration.particles are always moving and this means no matter if it's a solid, liquid, or gas, it will always have particles moving. Particles in a soild only vibrate because they have less kinetic energy.

What happens to a solid when heated and expand?

The solid will melt because the particles are moving apart, therefore, you get a liquid.

What do particles have that solid particles do not?

Particles inside a solid are packed tightly into neat rows, those that are in a gas are floating around an moving randomly and in a liquid they are not as tightly packed and aren't in rows

How do particles moves as energy is transferred through a sound wave?

It depends on what medium it is in. If it is in a solid medium, the particles will be closely together, or vibrating. If it is in a liquid, the particles will be spreaded out and moving slowly. If it is in a gas, the particles will be in moving rapidly.

Characteristics that distinguishes solids from liquids?

the absence of particles moving. the particles are compacted together on a solid than on a liquid.

What Particles are close together and vibrate?

In solid state particles are closest and only able to vibrate, not moving around

Heating a solid makes it melt terms of particles?

The particles are moving away from one another during melting.

How does the movement of particles in a stick of butter differ from the movement of particles in a dish of melted butter?

The movement of particles in a hard stick of butter are solid. Their not moving. While the movement of particles in a melted sick of butter are liquid. They are moving.

How fast do particles move in a solid?

Particles in a solid are always moving . They vibrate rapidly about their fixed positions . Their vibration speed depends on the temperature of the solid . The higher the temperature , the faster is the vibration ( movement ) .

What is a state of matter when the particles are close together but can move?

If you are asking when particles are "able to move freely" that would be a liquid. If you simply ask about "moving" then that would be a solid, since in a solid the particles are still movings.

Why do particles change their arrangement while changing state?

Slow moving particles causes an object to stay solid and unable to move. Fast moving particles cause an object to be a liquid or a gas (depending on the amount of heat on the object). If you add heat or freeze the object the particles will change movement. The particles are what makes the object solid/gas/liquid/plasma.

Do particles in a solid vibrate?

Yes they can vibrate because they can't move freely.yes, particles in a solid vibrate in place so fast they look like they aren't moving.

Why the balloons volume increases if you blow more gas into it?

The particles are starting to be packed,for instance the solid particles they are nolonger moving freely.

Are particles in a solid completely motionless?

no they are just moving very slowly or viberating in a closed space so that it makes the item solid

What happens to the particles in a solid when it melts?

The particles in a solid are very tightly packed together and rigid, that's why it doesn't do much moving about. The particles in a liquid are less tightly packed together so they can move around more. When a meltable solid is heated, the particles in that solid spread out and can move more, thus, you have a liquid. I hope that answers your question... :P

What would happen to entropy in a solid to gas reaction?

It increases; more freely moving particles.

Which state of matter do particles move very slowly?

Solid. In most solids the particles are actually restricted to a sort of vibration not actually moving.

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