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Q: How are the plants in boreal forests well-suited for survival?
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How many plants does Mexico have?

Literally, millions. 63% of the Mexican territory - almost two times the size of Texas - is covered by forests of many kinds, including scrub forests (arid climate), boreal, temperate and subtropical highland forests (temperate climate) and tropical rainforests (warm climate).

What are the Boreal Forests Natural Resources?

forest land and trees on it .in the forest you can find different kinds of plants,trees,and flowers.In the forest you can also find animals ..basta ewan .im just asking here ehh!!

How do plants adapt to taiga?

your mom does ^^ who ever wrote this is not cool ^^ i agree with who ever wrote the second comment . this is not a joke , its for information . so screw you :/ you coulda helped me with my homework but did you . . . no becos you decided to make it a joke . next time . . . think before you act and go back to preschool / kindergarden becos that's where they taught you that . So here is the reall answerr --------- - Some plants in the boreal forests aare - black spruce , paper birch , quaking aspen , red pine , tamarack , white cedar , white pine . Hope I helped you instead of that imature idiot . ;)

What are the forests like?

forests have a lot of trees plants and animals.

What makes the boreal forest unique?

It's plants, animals, and weather makes it unique

How do plants in boreal forest survive?

Trees bark thickens to protect them from cold of winter

What are plants that live in rain forests?

same plants we have

How do plants adapt themselves to their environment for survival?

needs survival

Why do rainforest plants look evergreen?

An evergreen forest is a forest consisting entirely or mainly of evergreen trees that retain green foliage all year round. Such forests reign the tropics primarily as broadleaf evergreens, and in temperate and boreal latitudes primarily as coniferous evergreens.

Are there moss plants in boreal forest biomes?

Yes, they are usually found in damp areas and in ditches.

Why do organisms need plants algae and bacteria for survival?

The organisms need plants, algae and bacteria for their nourishment. This ensures their survival.

What plants are in forests?

trees and bushes and well mostly green plants