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A metric ruler measure a legth not a volume.

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Q: How are the volumes different when you use a graduated cylinder and a metric ruler?
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Metric instruments for volume?

A graduated cylinder.

What metric unit is used by graduated cylinder?


What metric units does the graduated cylinder use?

A graduated cylinder uses milliliters not millimeters. Hopefully I'm not too later for this fix.

Is a graduated cylinder a metric measurement?

Not neccessarily, but it rarely isn't these days.

Who among the following is the more accurate in measurement the pipette or the graduated cylinder?

A measuring pipette. It has specific metric units as compared to a graduated cylinder.

What would be the property if the tool is a graduated cylinder and the metric unit is ml?

The property is volume, more specifically of a liquid, which can be measured using a graduated cylinder.

What metric unit of measure does graduated cylinder measure in?

Graduated cylinders typically measure in milliliters or thousandths of a liter.

What is the metric tool and unit for capacity of a juice cup?

A graduated cylinder, and a millilitre.

What tools do you use when measuring capacity when using metric units?

Graduated cylinder

What units of measurements are founf on a graduated cylinder?

in the metric system the lines refer to milliliters

What is the an acceptable method to directly measure volume using the metric system?

The most usual method to measure volume, using the metric system, is by means of a graduated cylinder. You can pour a fluid into it and then read the volume as marked on the cylinder.

How is the graduated cylinder volume different from the volume measured by using a metric ruler?

If the object is oddly or irregularly shaped, then it's much easier to measureits volume with the graduated cylinder than with the ruler. But the volumeis the same no matter how it's measured. If the results are not the same,then at least one and possibly both measurements were done wrong.

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