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Q: How are they affected pneumonia?
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What Organ Is Affected By Pneumonia?

The lungs are affected by Pneumonia i should know this i have it :C The lungs are affected by Pneumonia i should know this i have it :C

What organs are affected by pneumonia?

The lungs are affected by pneuminia.

Can animals be affected by phemonia?

Yes, animals can get pneumonia.

Age most affected by pneumonia?

55 and over

If you had a pneumonia what part of your body be most affected ected?


What organ is affected while having pneumonia?

The lungs , the liver and the brain

What is affected to pneumonia?

the lungs are infected with bacteria which will kill off the lungs unless treated by antibiotics

How many people are affected by pneumonia each year?

There are around 3 million cases a year in the US.

How is viral pneumonia spread and or transmitted?

viral pneumonia is transmitted via pathogens in the air. When people affected my the virus cough, sneeze blow there nose/wipe there nose spread the virus into the air, people that breathe in or are in confined spaces with people affected are at risk of contracting the virus. touching railings of stairs of door handles are at risk of contracting this viral infection as well.

What age group is most affected your pneumonia?

i researched it for my project but it doesn't give me the age it only gave me this:infant , young children and elderly

Is pneumonia contagious with other cows?

Yes. It is recommended to quarantine affected cattle to a separate area until they are better and you have treated them with the proper antibiotics.

How is mankind affected by antibiotics?

It helps man kind by healing the sick people with either pneumonia or bronchitis ect. Without antibiotics they could die.

Do flowers affect the symptoms of Stevens Johnson syndrome?

No, flowers do not affect the symptoms. It is affected by medications, radiation therapy, and infections such as herpes, hepatitis, pneumonia and HIV.

What is the name of germ of pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a general term, not a specific disease. There is viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, and a fungal pneumonia, among others.

Is pneumonia a microbe?

No. Pneumonia is a disease. Microbe is an reason of pneumonia.

What is multifocal pneumonia?

Multifocal pneumonia means that there are patches of pneumonia throughout your lungs as opposed to lobar pneumonia which is contained in one spot.

Which type of pneumonia is also known as mycoplasma pneumonia?

walking pneumonia

Types of pneumonia?

1-community pneumonia 2-hospital- acquired pneumonia 3-aspiration pneumonia 4-atypical pneumonia 5-health -associated pneumonia

Illness not affected by antibiotics?

Viruses run their course and antibiotics are not prescribed for them. Antibiotics work against bacterial illnesses. So, if you have a cold (virus), but get pneumonia (bacterial) you can take antibiotics to get better.

What part of body is affected by E. coli?

Gastrointestinal tract, Urinary Tract, and rarely, Breast Tissue(mastitis), Blood(hemolytic-uremic syndrome), Peritoneum(peritonitis), and Lungs(pneumonia).

What is M. pneumoniae also called?

This type of pneumonia is also called atypical pneumonia, walking pneumonia, or community-acquired pneumonia

What is bibasilar pneumonia?

Bibasilar pneumonia means there is pneumonia present in the lower portion of both lungs.

Where is pneumonia located in the world?

Pneumonia is a respiratory disease, rather than a place or state, but there are a few entries on Google maps such as "Pneumonia Lake", "Pneumonia Gulch" and "Pneumonia Road" that are named after the disease.

Can you die from pneumonia caused by aids?

Aids doesn't cause pneumonia. You can die from pneumonia with or without aids. However if you have aids you are more likely to die from pneumonia then if you didn't have aids and contracted pneumonia

How is alveolar gas exchange affected by emphysema and pneumonia?

In emphysema the walls of the alveolar break down and this results in reduced surface area for gas exchange therefore less amount of air is replenished in the lungs.In pneumonia, tissue fluid accumulate in the alveolar and once again the surface area for gas exchange is reduced.