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They develop your hand-eye coordination.

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Are video games educational-?

There are some video games available on the market that can be educational.

Are videogames educational-?

Some video games are educational and can help to improve driving and target aiming skills, but most popular video games are not educational.

When was the last educational video game made?

There is a near constant stream of educational video games.

Violence in games?

There is no violence. Video games are fun and educational.

What is the percentage of educational video games?


Is a video game educational?

There are educational games out there, but non educational games can also teach you things. Like fast paced games can give you fast eye reflexes.

How video games are good for you?

not all are but,some are educational

Do video games make kids more violent?

Not all video games some do educational games would be the best choice for children. Shooting games would make kids violent though. I suggest you choose educational.

Educational Video Games?

If you're looking for a great way to broaden your kids' horizons, then you should consider buying them some educational video games. Buying educational games will make playing video games a more constructive use of their time. If you're having trouble finding educational games, then take a look at the games your kids already have and see if there's anything that might be suitable. Many games such as Tomb Raider feature interesting locations around the world.

Why did the people created video games?

For entertainment, recreational and educational purposes.

How many people play educational video games?

A pretty large amount. Turns out parents want their children to play all of these "Educational" games.

Do video games have positive effects?

Depends if it is educational video games. Though they do teach hand eye coordination. they have some positive effects.

Do you think reading is way better than video games?

Disagree: On most video games there are some sorts of reading involved... sometimes it can be educational...

Should I play video games with my child?

There are many educational video games available that assist parents in stimulating a child's mind. It can help them developmentally.

What advantages do educational video games have over all of the other video games?

You may learn some and spoil your brain. Baisically learning, will destroying your brain.

Can Video games be educational?

Yes video games can be very educational. People see it as a horrible addiction that you cant get rid of. That is not true at all, video games improve handicornaiton, fast reflexes, better knowledge, and can improve your mathematical skills hugely.Reasontly in the news scientist stated that the mind of a gamer can set him mind to anything and acpolishes.

Is a video game a good gift for kids?

It depends on what video game it is and the discipline of the child. Video games can be educational and played in moderation it may be a valuable gift.

What are the benefits of educational video games in classrooms?

Students having enjoyment and education at the same time.

How many educational video games are there?

Tons, but many of them are terrible, so read a review first.

Are video games educational?

Some are educational. However, some aren't. It really depends on what game you're talking about. It would be better to ask a good friend for sites to play those games.

What do educational satellites do?

Educational satellites, help plug in t.v. cords, and also anything else that has to do with a television. Or with video games , such as the wii the PS2, or xbox 360.

What gaming platform contains the most education video games?

The PlayStation 3 probably has the most educational games and the most online options for educational games. PS3 has games like the National Geographic Challenge game and the Junior Brain Game collection.

Do people learn from video games?

Some can be just entertaining, others can show morals, and there is educational games out there that people can learn different things from.

Can video games be allowed in school?

Yes, Schools all around the world use games like flashgames that are educational to help teach.

Benefits of Buying Educational Video Games?

When looking for a new gift idea for a child a very popular choice may be to purchase the kid a new video game.� While video games are always popular with children, some may be worried that it could lead to hours of mind numbing entertainment.� Instead of that, a better idea may be to purchase an educational video game. � Educational video games can be very fun and competitive and can be played on almost all video game platforms.� The games can come in a variety of formats and are suitable for children of almost all different age groups.� These can help stimulate the mind and benefit them in school as well.� ��

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