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Wire fees calculation is essentially done by the banks and in some manner also regulated by the Financial Regulator.

In its basic form, there is the fees charged by the transaction network (e.g. SWIFT) to the banks. The banks are then free to add their operational margins on top of these charges and present the same to the customer.

In some markets, as directed by the financial regulator, there is a cap on how much fees can be charged.

With the recent changes in the US, for example the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1072 mandates that for cross-border wire-transfers (or remittances) the customer is informed of the full charges that he/she would be paying and what the beneficiary would be receiving (including any foreign exchange conversion). In short, no hidden charges can be setup, as well as dubious or non-committal FX conversion rates.

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Q: How are wire transfer fees calculated?
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What kind of fees are generally applied to a bank transfer?

There are fees that are generally applied to a bank transfer. For example, when money is wired from one bank to another, the banks involved charge fees. Right now, TD has increased the fees for wire transfer from $10 to $17.

Where can one get information on wire transfer?

Western Union is a good place to get information on wire transfers. They offer services worldwide. For a list of their fees and services visit their web site or one of their worldwide offices.

Do you need an account to do a wire transfer?

dO you need an account to make a wire transfer

How do you transfer money from your account in Chase Manhattan Bank in New York to your Calcutta Bank?

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What is the history of wire transfers?

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