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How are you charged when buying from iTunes?

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A charge is made on your credit card for the purchase. The card info screen is secure so dont worry about it but make sure that your computer is protected with a firewall.

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If you can buy a song on itunes is it a single?

Buying one song on iTunes is considered buying a single.

Do you get charged for creating an itunes account?


How do you download music to your iPhone 4?

You Have To Have Access To A Computer Well You Download Itunes Then Sync Your Iphone To There From Buying From The Itunes Store Or You Download Straight From Your Iphone Itunes By Buying Itunes Card Or Having A Credit Card

What is the best site for buying US iTunes cards internationally?

The best site for buying US iTunes cards internationally is the Apple website.

Will you be charged after your rented itunes movie has exspired?

No, you are charged right when you start renting the movie.

Do you have to register to iTunes to get music on iPod touch?

No only to buy from the Itunes store.. Buying music, Buying Movies, Apps etc etc cause imma bee

How do you buy something with an iTunes gift card?

Go to redeem in iTunes and type in the code, then start buying stuff

Is it legal to import music from your CD to iTunes?

Yes, it is legal, as long as you are the one who bought the CD. If you can extract the file from the CD, then it is legal to drag it to iTunes for further play and use. Buying the songs in the CD is like buying the songs on iTunes, since both are legal when you put the songs into iTunes.

How much do iTunes songs coast?

it depends what song(s) you are buying. u can look at the price of the song(s) on itunes

What is the you tunes gift card for?

there is no such thing of a you tunes gift card. it is called an itunes (notice how there is no space in itunes) gift card. an itunes gift card is for buying music off of the itunes store for your ipod.

How do you pay for a song bought off iTunes?

You have an account in iTunes Store, and the downloaded song/album gets charged to your credit card.

If you have a movie on your iod can you trade it for a different one on iTunes?

NO you cannot trade an movie for an different one on Itunes They do have Rental movies on Itunes that you can see rather than buying them for about 3.99

What is the iTunes gift card for?

An iTunes gift card is for buying anything that is available on iTunes, be it movies, TV shows, TV seasons, TV episodes, podcasts, music, etc.

When is Twilight on iTunes?

The Twilight Album is already on iTunes but the only song you can buy off it without buying the CD is Decode By Paramore

Can you use iTunes giftcards on an itouch?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is download iTunes, and click redeem. Then you start buying songs, videos, or apps.

Buying apps on my Mac on the Macbook App store does it use Itunes money?

Yes, you can use iTunes Gift Card money.

Is buying a song for a mp3 the same as buying a song for an ipod?

Yes because the songs that you buy from itunes are in mp3 format

Itunes store billed you all the songs that you supposedly bought but there are some that you did not by and they charged you how can you fix this?

You need to contact the itunes store to sort out your issue

Can you get arrested for downloading songs from LimeWire and then buying songs from itunes store?

Yes, if your going to buy it from itunes, why download it off limewire first.

Do you have to pay money for buying stuff on the itunes store on the ipod touch?

Yes. You have to set up a payment option on Itunes(credit card)

Where can you find free Artemis Fowl ebooks?

Try buying them on itunes or

Where can you buy qwerty by Linkin Park?

At iTunes, or buying Songs From The Underground EP, or finding/buying LP Underground v 6.0

Can the music from iTunes be listened to prior to buying?

Each track has a short (typically 30 seconds) sample you can listen to prior to buying.

Can you buy songs with an iTunes gift card on your itouch?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is download iTunes, and click redeem. Then you start buying songs, videos, or apps.

What is a iTunes code?

Do you mean an iTunes gift card code? If you do, a gift card code is when you have an itunes account, but its not hooked up to your credit card or debit card (money wont be taken out of it for buying a song) Therefore, you need to buy an itunes gift card from the store and reedeem it on itunes. (the code is on the back of the gift card) However much you spent on the gift card, thats how much money goes into your itunes account, so you have to keep buying them if you use all your money

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