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How are you most likely to catch a cold from someone else?


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Colds are spread when germs enter the body through a moist body surface, typically the eyes, nose, and mouth. Some transfer of fluid between an infected person and a healthy person (e.g. a sneeze, a kiss, a shared beverage) can spread a cold. Also, a person with a cold can contaminate a surface such as a doorknob with his hands. If a healthy person touches that contaminated doorknob and then rubs his eyes or nose or eats with his hands, he can get the cold. For this reason, regular and thorough hand washing is recommended especially during cold and flu seasons.
Colds can be spread by one that is sick breathing on another who is not sick. If the other person breathes in the sickness there is a chance that the healthy person will get sick.
Sneezing, coughing, touching your face and mouth and then shaking hands with people.

poor hygiene and spread of infection between humans
colds can spread by when u touch or eat something and someone else comes and touch or eat it tyhen that person has the cold in about a week or less
sneezing, touching or using the same silverware.
they're airborne and also can be caught by touching a foreign object with the germ then touching your face.
You can spread the flu by coming to school sick, if you do not wash your hand after using the toilet you have spread over 2,000 germs on your hands. always wash your hands before you eat. Wash your hands after touching money. If you follow these steps you should stay healthy!

Nasal secretions containing cold viruses contaminate the hands of people with colds as a result of nose blowing, covering sneezes, and touching the nose. Also, cold viruses may contaminate objects and surfaces in the environment of a cold sufferer.
people not washing their hands, not catching their snot in their hands when they sneeze.

other people touch things that people with colds have touched so that is how they spread.
You contract the cold by getting the virus inside your body, simple as that. Mouth, ears, nose, eyes, and cuts are the way that colds are usually contracted. Colds can also be contracted through sexual organs.

The reason getting the cold on your hands is bad is because touching any of those vulnerable entrances will spread the virus there immediately.

Once a person is infection, the virus likes to wait in their throat in and nasal passages when it comes to spreading. While in their throat, the cold will be spread whenever they cough or exhale. While in their nose, it irritates the walls of the nose and cause more mucus to be produced, giving it a nice little environment to live in and exit the body.