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with fruit

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Q: How artificial flavor fruit snacks get made?
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Are fruit snacks made of fruit?

They may be made of natural flavors or artificial flavors. If they are made of natural flavors, then maybe, if there are only artificial flavors, no.

Where is artificial flavor made?

New Jersey.

Does artificial chicken flavor have chicken in it?

NO artificial chicken flavor is made from methyl furanthiol (roast flavor) and sulfides (meat).There is no chicken used.

Are fruit snacks made from bone marrow?


What is Artificial almond flavor made of?

Artificial almond flavor is sometimes made of actual almonds. This is usually bitter almonds, which are not the ones that are normally eaten.

What are fruit rollups made of?

Fruit rollups are made of preservatives, artificial flavors, and some natural fruit juices.

Are fruit bars made with real fruit?

if it says that it was made with real freit it is but if it wasn't then it will say it is artificial fruit and it would'nt be call fruit bars......

Is jello made from gelatin?

Yes it is. They start with a basic gelatin, add sugar or artificial sweetener, artificial color, artificial flavor, and, viola, Jello!

What is gelatin how is it made and what is it used for?

gelatin is made from pig is used for fruit snacks and gelatin.

What is butter flavor made of?

Butter flavor is made with artificial (chemical) flavorings that resemble butter in taste. It often also contains yellow food coloring.

What is tutti-frutti flavor made of?

Tutti-fruitti = "all-fruit". Several different kinds of fruit.

What is difference between natural and artificial flavors?

Depends on the country but usually means they are flavors derived from natural chemicals (natural flavor) or artificial man made chemicals (artificial flavors). A natural flavor MAY be healthier but it MAY also be unhealthier than artificial flavors. Depending on the country some natural flavors may be a mix of artificial and natural chemicals. In fact, an orange natural flavor will most likely be a mixture of chemicals tat have no relation whatsoever to an orange, or possibly not even a fruit. As such it is a complete secret what the chemicals are and you are better avoiding natural and artificial chemicals altogether.

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