How bad does it hurt to get your hips pierced?

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2011-02-09 23:55:32

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Um well..... NO DRRR!

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2011-02-09 23:55:32
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Q: How bad does it hurt to get your hips pierced?
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Does getting your hips pierced hurt?


Does it hurt to get your hips pierced?

Actually people have said that it doesnt hurt & that it takes about 15 minutes to do

How bad does it hurt after getting your tongue pierced?

It doesn't hurt too bad jus a lil sore

Can bad dog food hurt a dogs hips if it has eating the bad food?

Well, if the food doesn't have much bone health in it, when the dog gets older, it could get bone problems, including in the hips. So yes, bad food can hurt a dog's hips

How bad does it hurt to get your tonuge pierced?

It really doesn't hurt all that bad, it's just sore a little bit after

Do dogs hips hurt when its snowing?

Falling snow should not make a dogs hips hurt but if a dog has bad hips the cold weather could aggravate them. If there is snow on the ground it can be slippery which could also cause a dogs with bad hips to have more discomfort. Not there lips, but there paws definitely do.

Does getting your cartaledge pierced hurt?

it does hurt if you get your cartilage pierced. It will continue to hurt for about two the four weeks after you get it pierced.

Does gettin your ear pierced hurt really bad?

No, it doesn't. If it were that bad no body would be getting it done.

How old do you have to be to get your hips pierced in Florida?


Does getting your nose pierced even hurt?

I got my nose pierced about 3 and a half months ago and it doesnt hurt that bad...It actually doesnt hurt as bad as getting stung by a bee...I just had one little tear roll down my face when I got mine done...So get your nose pierced it looks really cute :)

Do snake bite piercings hurt?

Yes, they do hurt. But when you first get them pierced they don't hurt that bad. After a little while, the pain will get really hard to handle.

Does it hurt really bad to get your tongue pierced?

Getting your tongue pierced is a major decision. It hurts very very bad. NEVER do it yourself. Please, if you are wanting to get your tongue pierced, go to a professional. But, yes it does hurt. it don't i have had mine done twice now cause i had to let it close up for school but don't EVER do it your self there is a major vain in your tongue but it doesnt hurt that bad only for a min

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