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your question makes no sense unless you say which drug.

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How bad will withdrawals be if you've been taking 2mg of xanax a day for about 3 months?

Like all benzodiazepines, Xanax is physically addictive, so, heavy users may experience physical withdrawal symptoms. However, speaking from personal experience, I don't think you will get withdrawal symptoms from taking 2mgs a day for three months. I think you have to be using a lot more than that, to get withdrawals. Six years ago I bought a whole bunch of Xanax online, and started taking 10mgs of it a day. After like 6 months, I ran out of it, and I didn't notice any withdrawal symptoms.

Is it safe to switch from 2mg to 1mg xanax?

Depends on how long you have been taking it.

How do you ween off 2mg of suboxone?

I'm doing it myself. I get prescribed 8mg pills and am taking less than a quarter a day and I still feel the withdrawals. It's a beating that's for sure. So maybe take a weekend and just try to quit

What is the difference in 2mg and .2mg?

2mg is ten times more than .2mg is.

Is there any risk of physical dependency from taking 2mg of Ativan at the most once a month?

I have 1mg tablets of Ativan that I take when I get anxiety symptoms. There have been some months where I've had to take a few a week and other months where I've had to take none at all. I think as long as you are not using it daily and monitoring your usage, dependency should not be an issue.

Can you pass a drug test in 36 hours for 2mg of xanax?

no. 72 hours after taking it you can.

What does it mean to take a bar?

A "bar" usually means taking a 2mg tablet of xanax.

What happens if you took 30 xanax at one time?

unless you have a HUGE tolerence and have been taking them everyday for years, you'll probably die, especially if they're 2mg

How long after taking 2mg xanax should one wait to do cocaine?

at least nine hours after taking the xanax then your clear. cocain is bad though.

Will you feel 8mg Dilaudid while taking methadone?

No . I've been on 140 mg of methadone for 17yrs.. I tried shooting five 2mg dilaudid and felt absolutely nothing. waste of money.

What is the street value for diazepam 2mg?

2mg of diaze isn't worth the container its in, u can get 10mg diazys for $5 pretty much anywhere. or so ive been told ;-)

How can you wean yourself off 2mg of abiify?

Cut the pill in half to reduce your dose and slowly start taking it less.

Can you take opiate if taking 2mg of suboxone in same day?

no you must wait atleast 12 hours before your opiate receptors are unblocked. Suboxone is an opiate blocker and synthetic opioid. Waiting 24 hours is what a doctor would suggest as suboxone in an avid user will last up to 24 hours. Please wait 24 hours until taking any form of opiates as you might go into instant withdrawals and get very very sick.

Can a 2mg xanax be taking through a injection?

Xanax, is not water soluble. It is soluble in Benzene though. Chances are, you won't survive the injection.

What is stronger Tylenol 3 or Dilaudid 2mg?

I would say that taking 1 2mg Dilaudid pill is equivalent to 10 mg of Morphine. Which is basically like taking 40 Tylenol 3's. Dilaudid is the strongest painkiller available, while T 3's would be the weakest. Hope this helps, not a Dr. but know about painkillers.

How long is detox from taking xanax 2mg three times a day?

Xanax is in the Benzo family and this question can not be answered without the time line that you have been taking the xanax. I have been taking the xanax for 12 years so my detox would be pronounced. If it has been a month then it will take a fairly short amount of time. Any Benzo detox should be supervised by a Doctor because anyone can experience seizures and there are documented deaths as a result of the detox of the Benzo class of medication

How long does effect of 2Mg of Valium last?

how long will 2mg valiam keep you sleepy

How long after taking 2 mg of suboxone can you take opiates again?

How long you have to wait to take an opiate and get high after taking 2mg of suboxone depends on if you take suboxone regularly or not. For example I do opiates just about everyday, every once in a while when I can't get opiates I'll take suboxone (usually 2mg) and after like 12 hours the suboxone wears off and I start to feel the effects of opiate withdrawal. and sometimes if I have an opiate by that time I'll do it and in my opinion I feel the opiate even only after its been 12 hours since I took the suboxone. (I don't feel the opiate as strong but I feel it) However I do like to try to wait like 18 hours to take an opiate after the suboxone (mind you I'm talking about only 2mg and only after having taken the suboxone for 1 days and not days or weeks or months.. after suboxone has been in your system for more than a day or 2 you have to wait anywhere between 24-72 hours .. 72 hours if you've been on it any longer than a month)

Is 2mg the same as 0.2mg?

No. 2mg means "two miligrams". 0.2mg means "two-tenths milligram". So 2mg is 10 times more than 0.2mg.

Does 2HCI plus Mg equal 2Mg atoms?

Does 2HCI plus Mg equal 2Mg atoms

Is it safe to take .25mg of Klonopin with melatonin at bedtime for sleeplessness?

Yes, I am currently taking 2mg of Klonipin and triple strength melatonin before bed.

Can you take a vicodine 12 hrs after taking 2mg of suboxone for pain?

This would be an appropriate question to ask your doctor for the safest answer for you. Technically speaking it should be safe for someone to take a Vicodin after taking suboxone 12 hours ago.

What milligrams dose Xanax come in?

Alprazolam (Xanax) comes in 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg 2mg Extended-Release 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg, 3mg Instant-Release 0.125mg, 0.25mg, 0.5mg 1mg, 2mg

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