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How big are hermit crab babies?

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about the size of a newborn babys ring fingernail

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How many babies can a hermit crab have at once?

a hermit crab can have 99 million babies at once.

Do hermit crabs die if the have babies?

When your hermit crab has a baby it will die, and the baby will be in the very back of the shell you will see the claw of the baby, and in about a week the baby crab will be as big as the mother.

Which gender hermit crab has babies?

Female hermit crabs lay the eggs.

Can you put a hermit crab in a fish bowl?

it depends how big the hermit crab is or the fish bowl

Hermit crab babies?

it is very uncommon for them to have babies in cages or fish-tanks

How big does a hermit crab get in the wild?

the biggest a hermit crab can get is the size is the size of an adult man's fist

How do hermit crabs have babies without going into the ocean?

Well, a hermit crab can have a baby in there shell.

Can you put a large hermit crab with a small hermit crab?

It depends on the hermit crab but I would personally say just to be careful No the big one might hurt or bully the smaller crab.

How many babies can a hermit crab have?

Hermit crabs can lay 800 eggs to in the thousands!I have 2 hermit crabs and mine haven't had babies but just in case i researched it!

How big is the largest hermit crab?

There is a species of hermit crab on the island of Guam that can grow to be about 12 inches in diameter.

How do hermits crabs have babies?

when a mommy hermit crab and a daddy hermit crab love each other very much, they... (you know what happens next.)

Would a hermit crab have babies in homemade salt water?

No. Hermit crabs cannot breed in captivity.

How does a hermit crab Fits its big body in the small shell?

When a hermit crab outgrows its shell, it will move into a larger shell.

What should you do if your pet hermit crab has babies?

If your Hermit Crab has babies then leave them. You would hate it if the mother abandoned the babies and they died. Leave the litter for 2 - 4 months atleast until they get a shell and their skeloton hardens. Look after them propoly.

How do you know which hermit crab will not live out of the ocean?

The land hermit crab has a big claw and a small claw. The ocean hermit crab's claw's are the same size.

How do you take care of land hermit crab eggs?

Land Hermit Crab Babies Are Microscopic And Live In the Ocean. It Is Near Impossible To Raise Baby Hermits In Captivity

How often does a hermit crab change shells?

When ever a hermit crab grows out of its old shell it finds a new one to call home. There is no set amount of times a hermit crab will change its shells. The hermit crab will only change shells if it has grown to big for its original one. Otherwise, the hermit crab will not change shells. It all depends on the hermit crab's growth rate and size.

How do you tell if your hermit crab is pregnant?

Answer: Hermit crabs don't breed in captivity. If yours has babies, you could be rich for knowing how.

Can hermit crabs kill moon crabs?

it deppends on how big the hermit crabs and the moon crabs are but if the hermit crab is bigger youv'e got your self a dead moon crab

How do hermit crabs make babies?

Hermit crabs lay eggs. they usually come out of their shells to mate. they have their eggs in saltwater, so if you have a pet hermit crab they are most likely not to have babies

How does an hermit crab drink?

Hermit crabs dip their big claw in and drink drop of water on it.

How do you tell if a hermit crab is having a baby?

hermit crabs need a beach to lay their eggs on so they wont have babies in their cage.

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