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Bee hummingbirds are 2.5 inches long.

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How big is a humming birds egg?

the size of a pea

Are humming birds birds or insects?

Humming birds are birds not insects.

Are humming birds poisonous?

No, humming birds are not poisonous.

Do humming birds have knees?

no humming birds do not have knees!

How big can humming birds grow?

the largest one is 3.7 inches

How do humming birds attack?

Humming birds dont attack

What size are humming birds?

the size of a humming birds is about 6-60

Do humming birds play dead?

No, humming birds do not play dead.

What kind of Humming birds are endangered?

the bee humming bird and the rubythought are the only humming birds endangered

How we call baby humming bird?

Baby humming birds are either baby humming birds or chicks

What is a group of humming birds called?

a group of humming birds is called a charm

Are humming birds colorblind?

No. Birds see color. This is a necessary adaptation for humming birds, which get their nutrition from flowers.

How are Eagles and humming birds different?

Eagles are big predators, Hummingbirds are small herbivores.

What Are Some Humming Birds?

they are birds

Are humming birds scratching birds?


What color is a humming bird?

Humming birds forms in many different colours. Usually humming birds have one or more colours on them.

What are some humming birds adaptations?

There is no adaptations for the Humming bird there is only adaptations on Exoctic Birds

How do humming birds eat?

humming birds suck nectar from flowers through their long beaks.

What type of biome do the humming birds live in?

Humming birds live in a temperate forest :D

Are hummingbirds mammles?

no they are birds Humming"birds"

What did humming bird eat?

humming birds eat insects

How do you tell humming birds apart?

Humming Birds come in many colors and sizes. For example, the Ruby-throated Humming Bird has green feathers

How did hummingbirds get their names?

They got their names as humming birds because when they move their wing very quickly And from that humming sounds come this is why they are called humming birds

Do humming birds have feet?

yes humming birds do have feet. they do not just fly around 24/7

What is the food of humming birds?

Humming birds feed on the nectar of flowers. They get it with ther long, pointy beaks.

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