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Adult female cheetahs can grow to weigh as much as 150 pounds, but can weigh as little as 46 pounds. They are smaller than males, but tend to have larger heads.

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How big do male and female cheetahs grow?


How big does shar pei grow?

male and female dogs can sometimes grow the same size, i have a female thats 20 inches tall at the shoulders she is as big as they grow

What do female cheetahs eat?

Female cheetahs mostly eat gazelles and baby buffalo.

Is there more female cheetahs or male cheetahs?

There are really an equal amount of both male and female.

How big do boas grow?

it depends if its male or female. if its male it will grow to about 7th and if its female more like 9

Are cheetahs big cats?

Yes cheetahs are concider big cats

Are boy cheetahs different from girl cheetahs?

Yes, male cheetahs have a penis and female cheetahs give birth.

What is cheetahs male and female name?

Tom and female

Do female cheetahs hunt?

Yes. Female cheetahs hunt for their cubs and they need to teach them so they need to know how to hunt.

How big do female guinea pigs grow?

about 1.5lbs. to 2.5lbs

Do male cheetahs hunt or do female cheetahs hunt?

Male and female cheetahs do not live together so each is responsible for doing its own hunting.

How big are Female Samoyed?

Female Samoyeds can grow to be 18-21 inches tall as adults.

What are cheetahs big cats or dogs?

Cheetahs are large cats.

Is cheetah a male or a female?

Cheetahs (the animals) can be either male orfemale.

How big does a female betta get?

Excluding the Caudal fin the average female Betta will grow to around 2 inches.

Do cheetahs have a boy cheetah in their families?

The male cheetahs live together in groups, most of the time the male cheetahs are brothers. While the females live alone and take care of the cubs. If a female gives birth to two males and a female the males will grow up and live together, while the female cheetah will go live on her own until she is ready to have a littler.

How big do female bearded dragons get?

They usually grow to around 20 inches

Are there female king cheetahs?

Yes. Both males and females can have the fur pattern that makes them King Cheetahs

Do cheetahs stay in a pack or group?

Cheetahs are usually solitary animals except for a female with cubs.

Who does the cheetah need to live with?

Cheetah need to live with other cheetahs like female and pup cheetahs.

Are there cheetahs at big cat rescue?


Can female Rottweilers head grow big?

Female Rottweilers heads are generally smaller than the males, but I have seen some with big heads. Depends on the breeding etc.

Do cheetahs and other big cats get hairballs?

Yes-by the way, cheetahs aren't big cats. They're in their own group, Acinonyx.

What would happen if cheetahs had big ears?

it can hear beter than the other cheetahs

How do leopards stock?

by seeing other female cheetahs!!

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