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How big do bettas get?

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1 in. - 3in.

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What are the differences between girl bettas and boy bettas?

Boy bettas have really big fins and are very colorful, and girl bettas are pretty much the opposite!

With fish do bettas get along with?

They can't get along with any fish except for a fish twice as big as the bettas

How big can bettas grow?

2-3 inches

How big do dragon scale bettas get?

seth hammer

How do you tell a bettas gender?

the boy bettas have big colorful fins, and the girls have small but still kind of colorful fins.

Do betta fish like big or small tanks?

All fish like big tanks. Bettas are no exception.

Are bettas cool?

Bettas are great.

If a mail bettas tummy is bigger than its supposed to be is it sick?

I knoww!!! My bettas tummy is really big, like you can see it and its like mungo! im scared for him! good question, sorry no answer,

Can you put female bettas in with parrotfish?

If the parrot fish is aggressive or big enough to swallow it whole.

Will Bettas be able to breed and have offspring in a 30-gallon tank?

They should be able to it actually might be to big. i don't know for sure because i stay away from the goldfish and bettas as much as possible.

Do male bettas get along with female bettas?

No, not at all.

What country are bettas from?

Bettas originate from Southeast Asia.

How much space does a Betta need?

bettas need little space to live. they do not like big spaces.

Can betta live with family?

No. Bettas (especially males) are solitary, and do not live with other bettas. MAle bettas will attempt to kill other fish they see, including bettas.

Bettas and goldfish?

Male bettas should be kept alone. Female bettas can sometimes be kept with other fish, but in a large community tank. Bettas need their space!

Why do boy bettas hate other boy bettas?

bettas are very territorial fish, the males fight for their territiory.

Why do bettas swim at top of bowl?

Bettas swim at the top of the bowl because they are hungry. Bettas are hungry fish

How do you breed Japanese bettas?

the same as all the other bettas

How big do Siamese fighting fish grow?

They don't grow extremely big, but they aren't very small, either. Typically, bettas are two to three inches.

Do bettas kill guppys?

Bettas will eat baby guppys as will most other fish, but in general, male Bettas will only fight with other male Bettas. They do not fight with other species of fish

Do female and male bettas kill each other?

No. Male Bettas will kill a female if either she will not spawn with him, or if she is left in his tank after he has spawned her. Male Bettas can not be kept with other Bettas, male or female.

Do bettas have gills?

yes bettas have small gills because they are a fish!

Can male bettas be in the same bowl?

NO!Placing two male bettas within one habitat is a guaranteed fight-to-the-death, no matter how big the tank.In an experiment conducted by a curious researcher, two male bettas were placed in a lake with plenty of room for both fish. Instead of separating, the two flared and began to fight vigorously. Call it male competition for the ladies, fight for survival, or flat out aggression, male bettas willfight!

How often should you clean a Bettas tank?

I usually suggest weekly, but a big bowl might last two weeks.

Can a male and a female betta fish live in the same tank?

Bettas are best as a solitary fish and unless you are actually a breeder, it's best not to put two bettas together regardless of being male or female.If your tank is big enough, you can have 2 bettas in the same tank provided you have an opaque tank divider so they have no way to get at or see each other