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That really depends on the species of the catfish, since they can grow to different sizes. Some can grow to at least 7 feet long and weigh a hefty 500 lbs (more or less), and others only grow up to 8 to 10 inches and weigh only a few lbs.

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How big does a glass catfish get?

A glass catfish should grow to about four inches in length but can grow slightly larger at times:)

How big does a glass catfish grow?

it can possibly grow up to 7 feet long i belive

How big can a blue catfish grow?

Catfish is a unique specie of fish found abundantly in USA. According to the state records they can grow as big as 55 inches in length and can weigh as much as 107 Lbs.

How big is the red tailed catfish?

The red tailed catfish can grow upto 5 feet in length depending on its habitat and how the fish is fed.

How fast do catfish grow?

Well it depends on the type of catfish. The mudcats just grow until they ate 3-5 pounds. Then the channel catfish that can grow to 2 pounds in just a year. Then there are blue catfish and yellow catfish that can grow from a fingerling to a full- sized adult (75-130 pounds) in just 6 weeks. They'll eat anything so they don't really have a guildline to what to eat so they'll get big. Hope this helped.

How big do columbian sharks get?

The Columbian Shark is a catfish, in an aquarium they can grow up to about 10 inches.

How big can a pictus catfish get?

Pictus catfish on average grow to about 6 inches. Although some have been reported to grow up to 10-12 inches given terrific living conditions and larger aquariums.

Chinese catfish how long does it grow?

Chinese catfish can grow to a length of 4 to 5 centimeters.

Do koi eat catfish?

It depends how big your Koi is and how big the Catfish is. If the catfish can fit in the Koi's mouth than it will get eaten.

How long does the catfish grow in size?

Catfish can grow to a length of about for to five centimeters although there are others that are much bigger.

How big does an albino catfish grow to be?

Well, they stay the same size as you see them in the pet store you go to unless you see a regular catfish that's albino. P.S. the albino catfish is actually just a type of fish that you see in stores is actually just a small type of catfish that looks like a small albino catfish.

How big is the largest catfish?

The biggest catfish ever caught was 646lbs.

How large can a blue catfish get?

Blue catfish can sometimes grow to over 100 pounds.

How long can a catfish get in a year?

Different species of catfish grow at different rates and get to different maximum sizes. What species of catfish are you referring to?

Is a catfish a consumer?

Yes, catfish is a consumer. Catfish are bottom-feeders. They will eat anything, including human waste and garbage. Catfish can grow to huge sizes, too.

How big is the world's largest catfish?

Largest catfish caught was a Mekong Catfish in Thailand on May 1, 2005

What is the nickname for the catfish?

Big Daddy

Can catfish kill people if bit?

No, but there are catfish big enough to eat a child... whole.

Does catfish eat guppy?

it depends how big the catfish is and how big the guppy is. if the guppy is smaller than the catfishes MOUTH then it is sure to eat it.

Do catfish bite lures?

no if you are trying to catch catfish use clams. worms might work and big catfish will bite anchovies

How big can a Cory catfish be?

it can be up to 8 feet big!

How fast do albino catfish grow?

1billion hours

Can angelfish live with catfish?

It depends on the catfish. if it is a small catfish ( 1-5 inches) sometimes the angelfish will try to eat it. if it is a medium sized catfish (6-9inches) you will be fine. BUT if you get a large catfish (10 inches and over) it will terrorize your angelfish by nipping at the angelfishes fins and if big enough will eat it. some of the catfish you can mix is a Cory catfish, Redtail catfish, upside down catfish and rubber lip catfish but that is all. Another thing is you should get the fish when they are young because angelfish are territorial. one last thing is that to mix the two fish you should get a tank 25 gallons or over or they will be too crammed and die even though 25 gallons is pretty large angelfish can grow up to 10 inches and all of the catfish that can mix can grow up to 7 inches

Can Silver-tipped shark catfish be kept in fresh water?

Yes but it wouldn't like it cause they will grow big and then need it but they will still surviv

How big do Cory catfish get?

It depends on what type of cory you go for something like a peppered cory would usually grow no bigger than 8cm

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