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well it depends what type of frog you are talking about as some frogs are so small they could sit on your thumb nail others can be the size of house cats!!!:D

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How big do Antillean frogs get?

---- ====== ====== BIG!

How big are purple frogs?

really big

Do people eat frogs?

Yes, people eat frogs, but no poisonous frogs. It is a big delicacy is France!

How big is the frogs heart?

The heart is as big as a fist

Do big frogs eat smaller frogs?

It depends on the frog. most of the time if it is big enough it will eat the the smaller frog. A good thing to do is split the frogs up.

How big are wood frogs?

Wood frogs can get up to 4-7 inches.

How big are poison dart frogs?

Poison Dart Frogs are about the size of your thumbnail

What can you put with a big eyed tree frog?

The pet shop where i got my big eye housed whites tree frogs with the Big Eyed tree frogs, so you could probably put whites tree frogs with them.

How big do whites tree frogs get?

Normally they get as big as your hand.

How big is a frogs egg?


How big is a albino frogs?

It depends on the species. Small frogs as well as large frogs may show forms of albinism.

How big or small are frogs?

Frogs can be very small or very big. There is no set size because different types are all different sizes.

How big do leopard frogs get?

Leopard frogs grow 3-4 inches. They are fairly small.

How big will a pregnant frogs belly be?

frogs don't get pregnant! They produce eggs.. Like fish do

Why do frogs have big eyes?

for a great vision

Why frogs have big eyes?

for a great vision

What do wild big frogs eat?


How big do frogs eggs get?

About the size of a pea.

How big is a frogs gallbladder?

About the size of a pea

Can big frogs eat tree frogs?

No, they only eat flies, not other frogs. ^^^ Wrong ! There are many species of frog that are cannibalistic ! (Snakester1962)

How big is a frogs stomach?

The size of the frog's stomach depends on how big the frog is. Bigger frogs tend to have bigger stomachs.

How big is a tree frogs brain?

How big is a red eyed tree frog's brain? Then red eyed tree frogs brain is the size of a golfing bal.

How do you keep frogs?

Yes but make sure it is a big container and the frogs have a rock in so that they can get out when they have layd there spawn

How big do Bull Frogs get?

Bull frogs can get up to eight inches! There the largest frog in North America!

There are 7 cheerleaders on a bus and each cheerleader has 7bags In each big bag there are 7 big frogsand for each big frog there are 7 small frogs If frogs have two legs how many legs are on the bus?

5,502 legs. There are seven cheerleaders so that already makes 14 legs. The seven cheerleaders times the 7 bags is 49. The 49 bags times the 7 big frogs is 343. Multiple the amount of big frogs by their 2 legs and you get 686. Multiply the 343 big frogs by the 7 small frogs and you get 2,401. Multiply the 2,401 small frogs by their 2 legs and you get 4,802. Now add the 14 cheerleader legs to the 686 big frog legs and then add the 4,802 small frog legs and you get 5,502 legs.