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Q: How big do violet plant get?
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What is a plant that has the name of a color?

A violet

Is a violet a flowering plant?

Yes it is.

What is the birth name of Violet La Plante?

Violet La Plante's birth name is Violet La Plant.

Is the purple violet an endangered plant?


What is the name of the plant in the book H.I.V.E.?


Name a plant which is not green?

the african violet

What are the similarities between an elephant and a violet?

the elephant is big and not smooth but violet is smooth

What is Wisconsin's state plant?

The Wood Violet and it is a flower

The most light absorbed by this plant is?

violet & red

What plant start with the latter a?

African violet is a popular house plant. It begins with the letter a.

Does african violet reproduce asexually?

Yes, the African Violet plant does reproduce asexually. It reproduces through losing its leaves. From there the leaves regrow the entire plant system.

Which pigment protect plant from ultra violet rays?


What flower plant grows from a leaf?

Bryophyllum and African violet

What is another color for the color violet?

blue blue Actually, bluish-purple. The violet plant has blue and white flowers.

Where do you find the kanto radio card in violet city in Pokemon soul silver?

in Lavender town, the big tower, turn the power plant on and talk to the guy in charge!

What is the St Paulia house plant commonly known as?

African Violet

What color does a green plant obsorb?

Blue, Violet, Red, Orange.

Are indigo and violet are same?

No. Indigo is a blue derived from the dye made from the indigo plant, violet is a shade of the secondary colour purple.

A homozygous violet flowered pea plant is crossed with a homozygous with flowered pea plant. If the violet color is dominant (V), what is the genotype and phenotype of the F1 generation?

What is the genotype and phenotype of the F1 generation

What colour has same name as garden plant?

Violet, pink, sage, lilac

What are the release dates for Big Eddie - 1975 Crashing Violet 1-6?

Big Eddie - 1975 Crashing Violet 1-6 was released on: USA: 3 October 1975

What is the Scientific Name for a Violet Plant?

There are many plants commonly called Violet but the true Violet is Violet odorata the Sweet Violet.Contrablue Adds:Actually, the scientific name the previous answer alludes to is "viola odorata". And a wonderful scent it is, too.Absolutely correct a slip on my part.

What does an African violet plant look like?

Please view the related link below by clicking on the link. There are many gorgeous African violet varieties.

How much room does a violet goby fish need?

Depends on how big it is.

When was The Big Tree Plant created?

The Big Tree Plant was created in 2010.