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How big can sharks grow?

Sharks come in a range of sizes. The largest shark known is the whale shark, which reaches lengths of 12 metres (almost 40 feet) or more. The smallest shark, the dwarf shark, is only 25 cm (10 inches) long. The basking shark is the largest shark in Atlantic Canada, routinely reaching lengths of 8-9 metres. The largest confirmed great white shark caught in Canada was more than 5 metres long. It was caught off of PEI in 1983. Before this, a white shark was caught in a herring weir in the Bay of Fundy in 1930 which was reported by local fishermen as being 11 metres long. For awhile, this was considered the largest specimen ever caught, but when the jaws were compared to that of other jaw specimens, they were more similar to a shark of around 4.8 metres. The world record is 6.3m.

Consider the dynamic of shark mating. female great whites are more often seen with the back of their pilot and dorsal fins torn and cut. it is believed to come from the male shark biting hold during mating. this would mean the male shark is around 30% smaller to mate successfully. male specimens on very rare occasion have been caught in the 17 to 18 feet region. by this method, it would indicate females out there of the 25 to 26 feet range.

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Q: How big does a Great White Shark grow to be?
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