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How big of a penis does a man need to produce a kid?

The size of a male penis has nothing to do with fertility.

Why is the male penis always black?

It isn't, unless you're of African heritage.

What are the top male names for men with a big penis?


How big on average is a male Native American Penis?

8 inches

How big is an adult male pandas penis?

According to this CNN news article, the length of an adult male panda's penis is about 3 centimeters long (about 1.2 inches).

How big is the average female penis?

Women do not have penises. It is a male organ only.

How many stitches are used in a adlut male Circumcision?

That depends on how big the penis is.

Which Two Male Celebrities have a Big Penis?

Mark Wahlberg and Colin Farrell.

How big is the lion's penis?

A young male lions penis is seven inches long and remains that length thou out his life.

How big should a teenage boy penis?

it depends with every different one. i Am a 17 year old male with a quite big penis about 9 inches and i love my penis and so do all the girls

Can a man be only attracted to a man that has a long and thick big penis and not be gay?

A man does not have to be gay if he is only attracted to a man that has a long and thick big penis, a man that is bisexual is also only attracted to a man that has a long and thick big penis. Since male heterosexuality is similar to male bisexuality and since male heterosexuality is the tent to male bisexuality,all heterosexual men have bisexual tendencies and are only attracted to men that have long and thick big penises.

What is the average size of a penis for an African American male?

It's 6-7 inches erect on average.

How can you tell that a white male has a big penis?

Without measuring it or asking the owner you can't.

Is 4 inches a big penis?

It depends on your age, The average size for a male penis after puberty is 6-7 inches. On the other hand the male penis before or at the start of puberty ranges from 2-4 inches long.

How big is your penis supposed to be at 17?

seriously you should be about big as you are gonna get. average adult male is approx 6-6.5 in.

Can a male panther gecko be with a female leopard gecko?

If it's penis is big enough and she is pleased

How big of a penis does a hispanic male have?

Race doesn't really factor into it. Some Hispanics may have big penises, some don't.

Can a small penis please a woman with a big vaginal opening?

It depends on the female & the size of the male penis. The chances are the female may not feel it as much as a larger penis. May not be too satisfied, but some females prefer smaller penis sizes than being too big.

Can male cats be born without a penis?

No male mammal is born without a penis - male cats included.

Why do male rabbits have two penises?

Male rabbits only have one penis.

I am 14 and your penis 17.4cm or 6.9 inches is that small or big?

The average male penis is 5.1 to 5.9 inches so I would say you are well-endowed.

Do Asians have big?

no, they have some of the shortest recorded penis sizes known to mankind and other species discovered. the baby caucasian male happens to have about 3 times the size of the adult fully grown male asian penis. AKA ASIANS HAVE A SMALL PENIS!!!!! #SWAG #YOLO

I am a 13yr old African American male and I have a 7in penis when erect has it stop growing are no?

I'm Dutch with a 6.5, almost 14

What is the average length the penis goes inside the woman's body?

This depends entirely on the length of the penis. But pretty much all the time you will find that it is pushed in as deep as possible, unless of course the male has greater then average self control or the penis is too big. how big does they get

Im a African American age 15 and have a 7 inch penis is that big?

im a white 15 year old my penis is 7 inches too and all the girls i know consider 7 inches big

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