Sony Playstation 3

How big is PS3?

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Medium size

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How big is a PS3?

its perfect

What is the difference between the PS3 slim and the big PS3?

the only diff is that the ps3 slim can rest on its side and is smaller

Is a 40GB hard drive big for a PS3?

In the PS3 it is the smallest size that came with WiFi

When is Littlebigplanet out on nds?

Little Big Planet is a PS3 exclusive it is only out for the PS3 and PSP. Sorry :-(

What aret he difference between the PS3 and the PS3 slim console?

ps3 slim is not as big as the original. however you cannot play ps2 games on it.

How big is the PS3?

Well PS3 stands Play station 3 but anyway, PS3 is big as Xbox and little more bigger then Wii. It's 28.5cm on 28.5cm and the height is 6cm(up).Thank you for reading this. Peace.

How big is a PS3 controller?

About as wide as a playstation 3 controller.

What is the best game for ps3 that is not an shooter?

Little Big Planet

Can you use vuze to put games on a ps3?

no big benis

How do you upload little big planet psp stuff to little big planet 2 ps3?

You cant.

What are games only for PS3?

i do not play ps3 but i would say metal gear solid little big planet s.o.c.m and infamous

Im a big fan of rumble roses I was wondering if they will ever make another rumble roses for PS3?

No it is not coming out in a PS3 version

Is Littlebigplanet on nds?

Little Big Planet is a PS3 and PSP exclusive.

Is little big planet on pc?

Nope, exclusively for ps3. Sorry

Can you play little big planet on the wii?

No, it's only for PS3.

How do you get big rims on GTA 4 on ps3?

There is no way , sorry in advance.

Big ben wireless controle won't connect to my PS3?

All I did was put the USB storage stick in the front of the PS3 and then press the home button on the Big Ben controller and it synced it straight away.

Do you need a big tv for the PS3?

By big, I'm assuming you're referring to the size of the TV. No, but it would look better. HD tv's are suggested since the true color of the ps3 comes out at 720p.

Can a british ps3 console play American games?

of course! my dad has a British ps3 and he can play the American version of little big planet

Do they make little big planet for GameCube?

No Little Big Planet is for Playstation consoles like the PS3 and PSP.

Where to buy PS3 games?

You can buy ps3 games at: Big W Target Toys 'r Us EB Games JB Hi-Fi

How big Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection?

To download for PS3 about 500 MG

What is the best game for ps3?

It is an opinion, but personally I like Little Big planet.

Is there a Wii for litle big planet?

no there is not one on wii however you can get it on ps3 and psp

Is Littlebigplanet for the Xbox 360?

No, Little Big Planet is a PS3 game only.

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