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How big is Reifenstein Castle?

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how big is most of the castles

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According to the Wikipedia article it was first mentioned in the 12th century and altered in the 14th century. In the meantime I've found another website that gives c. 1170 as the date when work on Reifenstein Castle started. It is quite sepctacular!

Karl Reifenstein is 5' 11".

Maiden Castle is around 67 acres big

The big door of a castle is called a drawbridge

It depends on the castle.

the biggest castle is windsor castle

It depends how big the castle was.

its a big towerin a castle

Goodrich castle is very big

It depend what castle and how big the castle is.

how big is schonbrunn castle

it is the biggest castle in the world by surface area!

It depends how big the castle is and which castle is it, meaning location,name E.T.C.

did you know that kryal castle is the second biggest castle in the world

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world and covers 7 hectares (18 acres)

A big fat hairy poo with orange bits in it

Edinburgh castle is 120 metres (390ft above the water)

a castle port is an air port located near a big house.

as big as you wantas small as you want

It has 1600 rooms you div the area of the grounds and castle is 13 acres

The castle is 200 ft tall anf 56 ft wide.

i dont have a clue but in the book they describe it as a big house

The 'Keep' is the big stone thing in the middle, so its the actual castle. In a Motte and Bailey castle, it's the Motte. :)

burn it and/or use a trebuchate to fling rocks (big) in the castle and knock it down

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