How big is Vegetas family tree?

Vegeta's father: King Vegeta.

Vegeta's father-in-law: Dr. Brief.

Vegeta's mother-in-law: Mrs. Brief.

Vegeta's older sister: Articha. (Yes, Vegeta has a older sister who is just as evil as Vegeta is, but she only appears in 20 episodes in total. And those episodes are fan-made episodes..Unfortunately. Articha is 5 years older than Vegeta.)

Vegeta's younger brother: Tarble.

Vegeta's sister-in-law: Gure.

Vegeta's wife: Bulma.

Vegeta's son: Trunks. (And future Trunks.)

Vegeta's daugther: Bulla (Also called 'Bra')

Vegeta's second daugther: Shirra. (Vegeta has a daugther who is just as evil as Vegeta. The mother is unknown. Vegeta has a flashback of her from when he leaves her when she was just a little girl. Some days later Shirra appears infront of Vegeta. Bulma and Vegeta get into an arguement, because Vegeta had another woman out in space. Shirra stays for a while, but leaves her father just as he had leaved her. Of course it's only showed in the fan-made episodes. Shirra appears at the same time as Trunks and Pan are dating and Goten and Bulla are dating. Shirra was born 10 years before Vegeta came to earth. That makes Shirra 38 years old.)

Vegeta's son-in-law: Goten. (Yes, Goten is Vegeta's son-in-law. But that is only showed in the fan-made episodes. I really don't understand it, because Goten is 7 years older than Bulla. When Goten was teenager, Bulla was just a little girl. Goten was 14, and Bulla 7. And in the fan-made episodes were Bulla 16-17 years old when she and Goten were dating. That makes Goten 23-24 years old.)

Vegeta's daugther-in-law: Pan. (Yes, Pan is Vegeta's daughter-in-law. But that is also only showed in the fan-made episodes. It is just as trange as Goten and Bulla, because Trunks is much older than Pan. Trunks is 1 year older than Goten. Pan is 2 years younger than Bulla. And if Goten is 7 years older than Bulla then Trunks is 10 years older than Pan. When Trunks was teenager, Pan was just a little girl. Trunks was 15, and Pan was 5. And they started to date when Trunks was 25, and Pan was 15.)

Vegeta's great granddaugther: Bulma 2.

Vegeta's great great grandson: Vegeta Junior.