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Venus is roughly the same size as Earth. Mars is only half the diameter of Earth and has less than 11% of the mass, and 28.4% of the surface area.


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Mars is 6,786 Km. in diameter. Big is a relative term. It is big compared to its moons but small compared to the sun

mars is the 7th largest planet.

In terms of volume, the sun is about 8,654,000 times the size of Mars.

The earth is "very big" compared to Mercury or Mars, but the earth is only "big" compared to Saturn or Jupiter. It really depends how you wan to look at it, optimistically or pessimistically.

No, not particularly, because the gravity on mars compared with earth is 38%, which isn't much.

Mars is approximately half the size of Earth. The diameter of Mars at the equator is 6,800 kilometers, which is 53 percent of the diameter of Earth.

Mars is way much smaller than earth.Because of that is cuz the earth is closer to the sun so it grows more than mars does!!!

Mars can be compared to Earth, because they both have numerous similarities.

The equatorial radius of the moon is 1,738.14 km, while the equatorial radius of Mars is 3,396.2 ± 0.1 km.

In terms of volume the sun is 8,654,000 times the size of mars which means that you can fit exactly 208 into the sun's diameter.

Earth is about 1.88 times larger than Mars.Earth has a diameter of 12,756 km whereas Mars has a diameter of 6,788 km (0.533 Earths)

Compared to the sun, it is small.

The mass of Mars is 10.7% that of Earth.

the earth is polluted and mars isn't :)

a day on mars is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds compared to earth.

earths diameter is larger than mars

Mars is approximately half the size of the Earth.

Surface gravity on mars is 0.376 compared to that of the earth.

Mars is only about half the diameter of Earth.

The gravity of Earth is 2.6 times that of Mars.

Mars' volume is around 15% of the Earths volume.

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