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How big is a 8x10 paper?

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You know how is the normal print paper, don't you ? the size of the print paper is 8.5*11, then you can image the 8*10 is a little smaller than that. I hope you can figure that out.

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What holds M and Ms more a long paper cylinder or a wide paper cylinder?

Oh and the paper is 8x10.

How big is the circle of the soccer field?

8x10 yds

Is a 8x10 bedroom big enought for a twin bed?

yes my room is 8x10 and i have a desk a twin bed a moon chair and a entertainment center. but i took my closet out and that is where my tv center is.

How many servings is a 8X10 cake pan?

The serving amount depends on how big the pieces are cut into.

How many pieces of 8 x 10 inch paper can be cut from one sheet of 20 x 26 inch cover paper?

6 if you cut it the right way. To figure it out: the total area of the cover paper is 20x26 inches or 520 in2. Each 8x10 inch paper has an area of 80 in2. So dividing 520 by 80 = 6.5. Since you wanted whole sheets of 8x10 the most you can cut from the cover paper is 6.

How do you print 8x10 photos from online?

Printing out photos from your computer is like printing out most other things, except you need inkjet photo paper (which you can get at and you'll have to feed the paper manually. If you think your printer settings might be a bit off, print out the photo on a regular sheet of 8x10 to make sure the dimensions are right.

How big should a picture frame be to frame an 8 x 10 photo?

Frames come in the sizes of pictures so you should be able to find an 8x10 frame, if your making it yourself measure the inside 8x10 not the outside

How big is b5 paper?

how big is b5 paper

How big is 8x10 meters?

8 x 10 = 80, so the answer is 80 square meters (or 80 m2).

What is 6x10 8x10 9x10?

The multiplication problem 6x10 is 60, 8x10 is 80, and 9x10 is 90.

What is 8x10 equals?


What is the square foot of 8x10?


How many stamps are needed on a 8x11 5 padded manilla envelope with 1 8x10 pic and about 5 regular sheets of paper you put 1 32 on there Is that enough?


How do you make a big paper airplane?

Use a big piece of paper, or make one with cardboard and staples.

How big is a gram?

A gram is as big as a paper clip

What are the typical dimensions of a tool shed?


What is 8x10 linear foot?

6' 8"

Standard size of a shipping box?


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How do you write 8x10 in standard form?


What is a broadsheet news paper?

A news paper opened up and it is big

How do you write 80788 in expanded form?

80 788 =(8x10 000) + (0x1000) + (7x100) + (8x10) + (8x1)80 000 + 0 + 700 + 80 + 8

How many inches does a piece of paper has to be in a printer?

A Regular American/Canadian piece of paper is 8.5inches by 11 inches. All the paper has to be is big enough to hit the big to come out.

How big is the worlds biggest paper hat?

Griffon and Miller's paper hat

How big is the Worlds largest paper hat?

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