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Caribou bulls weigh around 800 lbs and stand around 4 feet tall. Cows are a little smaller, weighing only around 500 to 600 lbs and standing a little over 3 feet tall.

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Are caribou microscopic?

No,caribouare not microscopic, because caribou is type of reindeer it big animal.

What are caribou?

big deer that live in the cold.

Does a lynx eat caribou?

No, Caribou are too big for a lynx to take down. There main diet consists of small rodents

What are the characteristics of the caribou?

Brown with white by its neck and big antlers.

How big can a caribou grow?

twice the size of an average elaphant

What is the difference between elk and caribou?

one is big and one is litte

How big is a peary caribou?

The Peary caribou is a light-coloured Arctic subspecies of caribou. It is the smallest of the caribou/reindeer subspecies, reaching a shoulder height of only about 90 cm (3 ft.). A large bull will weigh about 110 kg (240 lb.). A cow weighs approximately 10 to 20% less.

How big can caribou antlers get?

up to 4 feet wide and 3 feet long

What species is a caribou?

... A caribou.

What is the Latin word for 'caribou'?

Rangifer tarandus, Caribou/Reindeer.

What do wolves eat in a Boreal forest?

it eats caribou and mosses and other big animals like that

What tundra animals eat caribou moss?

Caribou eat caribou moss.

Are Caribou omnivores?

No. Caribou are herbivores.

Is a caribou a omnivore?

Caribou are herbivores.

What is the Inuits word for caribou?


What is the common name for caribou?


How do you say caribou in latin?


Is a caribou a carnivore?

No. Caribou are herbivores.

Where is the Caribou Public Library in Caribou located?

The address of the Caribou Public Library is: 30 High Street, Caribou, 04736 2796

Where is the Caribou Historical Society in Caribou Maine located?

The address of the Caribou Historical Society is: Po Box 861, Caribou, ME 04736-0861

What big animals do wolves eat?

Elk,Moose,Musk Oxen,Cow,Caribou,Deer,etc.

Which is larger elk or caribou?

Caribou are bigger.

What do you call a group of caribou?

A "herd" of caribou.

Are caribou herbivores or omnivores?

Caribou are herbivores

Are there caribou in Wyoming?

Yes, there are caribou in Wyoming.