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When a foal (Or colt or filly) is born, it is about the size of a big dog, like a Great Pyrenees, German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. Probably between 50 and 80 pounds.

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What is a foal called when it is big?

A goat

If sire was 15.1 and dam was 15.3 how tall will foal get?

in my experience the foal is ussually the size of the sire but that does not mean the foal wont get as big as the dam

Do breyer traditional foal blankets fit classics?

Probably not if its a small traditional foal blanket and a big classic foal probably yes (: but I would probably say no. :)

How big is a shire horses foal?

A shire horse foal would be pretty much the same size as any other foal, accept for little ponies of course and miniatures

Can a veterinarian determine the size of an unborn foal?

A veterinarian can estimate the due date during early and midpregnancy through palpation and ultrasound; however, the foal is too big during late pregnancy to measure completely, so the owner won't know how many pounds or how big the foal will be until it has been delivered.

What is a motherless foal called?

An orphan foal.

When a foal is still nursing from its mother what is the foal called?

It is still called a foal. Sucking foal.

How long does a foal stays a foal for?

A foal is usually only called a foal for a year. Then they are called yearlings.

What gender is a foal?

Foal is a general term for a baby horse, a colt foal is a boy and a filly foal is a girl.

How big are classic breyer horses and foals set?

Not that big. The mare is 1/12th of the size of a real horse and the foal would be smaller

What age is a foal?

A foal is between the ages of newborn to 1 year in age. A foal that has been weaned is called a weanling foal.

What is a baby pony called?

A foal. a girl foal is a filly, and a boy foal is a colt.

What is zebra offspring?

Foal(s) A girl foal=filly, A boy foal=colt

What is the difference between a foal a colt and a filly?

a foal is a "baby" horse/ pony in general. a colt is a male foal. a filly is a female foal.

If a mare gets pregnant before a foal is weaned can the unborn foal die?

A mare has an insticnt and will not I repeat will not become pregnant before the foal is weaned but that is why a stallion that the foal is not sired will try to kill the foal so he can sire another foal of his own.

How big will a foal be?

Its head should come up to about the middle of your mares stomach at a couple days old.

What is a brooding mare?

a mare in foal or has had a foal

What is a jack foal?

A male donkey foal.

Is a foal a girl?

no a foal is a newborn (baby)horse so therefore a foal is not a boy horse.

Playing with a foal on Howrse?

When you select foal games, you select the time amount and then you played with your foal.

What is the name of a baby foal?

there is no such thing as a baby foal because a foal is already a baby horse

How do you use foal in a sentence?

Please be quiet in this area as the mare is about to foal. Look at that handsome foal!

What is a filly horse?

A filly is a female foal. A foal is a baby horse. A male foal is called a colt. People think "colt" and "foal" are interchangeable, but they are not.

What are all of the foals on HorseIsle?

Cremello, White, Black, Palomino, Brown, Brown Draft Foal, Cria, Zebra Foal, Grey, Overo, Tobiano, Leopard Spotted Foal, Chestnut, Bay Blanket Foal, Strawberry Roan Foal, Blue Roan Foal.

What bedding should you put in a foals stall?

If the foal is still with its mother I would put a thick straw bedding down with big banks. Large banks will help prevent the mother from rolling ontop of the foal.