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How big is a silicon atom?

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Silicon has:

atomic mass 28.0855 g/mol [Wikipedia]

density 2.3290 g/cm^3 [Wikipedia]

==> 2.329000E6 g/m^3

==> 82.925E3 mol/m^3

mole 6.0221E23

==> 49.938E27 atoms per metre cubed

==> 20.025E-30 m^3 per atom

If the atom was a cube, each side would be 271E-12 metres.

If the atom was a sphere, its diameter would be 336.92E-12 metres.

If the atom was a tetrahedron, each side would be 553.87E-12 metres.

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What is the Electron shell arrangement of a Silicon Atom?

what is the arrangement of electrons in an atom of a silicon

How many protons are in one atom of silicon?

There are 14 protons in one atom of Silicon

Is silicon dioxide a atom?

No, silicon dioxide is a molecule.

What does a molecule of silicon contain?

Silicon is an atom, not a molecule.

Will a lone silicon atom be diamagnetic or paramagnetic atom?

it will be paramagnetic because silicon has unpaired electrons

Is silicon dioxide an atom?

No. It is a molecule made of one Silicon atom and two Oxygen atoms.

Which element has a larger atom raduis barium or silicon?

The radius (not raduis) of a barium atom is nearly double that of silicon.

How many valance electrons does a neutral atom of silicon have?

That neutral silicon atom has four electrons in its valence shell.

Which is the highest energy orbital for a silicon atom?

3p is the highest "occupied" orbital of an "unexcited" neutral Silicon atom.

One atom of silicon can be combined in a compound with?

One atom of silicon can be combined in a compound two atoms of oxygen, forming the compound silicon dioxide, SiO2.

What kind of charge does silicon have?

An atom of the element Silicon (Si) is neutral, it does not have a charge (neither does an atom of any other element).

A neutral atom of Silicon-27 contains how many protons neutrons and electrons?

A neutral atom of Silicon-27 contains 14 protons, just like any atom of Silicon (Si). Silicon has an atomic number of 14. The most abundant form of Si is Silicon-28, which has 14 neutrons. Silicon-27 has 13 neutrons.

What contains silicon dioxide?

Silicon dioxide contains two oxygen atoms and one silicon atom.

What is the number of electrons for a silicon atom?

Silicon has 14 electrons in his neutral state.

What is the average mass of a single silicon atom in grams?

The average mass of a single silicon atom in grams is the ratio 28,085/6,022140857.10e23.

Number of neutrons in silicon?

A stable silicon atom has 14, 15 or 16 neutrons.

What is the width of silicon atom in nanometer?

The atomic radius of silicon is approx. 0,11 nm.

Is Silicon dioxide Atom Element Compound Mixture?

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is a compound.

How many valence electrons does silicon have?

An atom of Silicon contains 4 valence electrons.

Is silicon dioxide a pure element?

No, a silicon dioxide molecule is composed of 1 silicon atom and 2 oxygen atoms.

How many electrons does a silicon atom have?

A neutral silicon atom will have 14 electrons, one for each proton in its nucleus. A link follows and can be found below.

What does the atomic number of silicon tell you about number of protons neutrons and electrons?

The atomic number of silicon is 14. This means that a silicon atom has 14 protons in its nucleus, and a neutral silicon atom has 14 electrons. The number of neutrons depends on the particular isotope.

Is a lead atom bigger than a silicon atom?

Yes. A Lead atom is significantly bigger than a Silicon atom.The atomic radius of a Pb atom is 175 pm while that of a Si atom is 111 pm.Note: pm = picometer = 10-12 meters

What element can combine with silicon to make a compound?

One atom that can form a bond with silicon is oxygen, to form silicon dioxide, SiO2.

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