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Q: How big is a three quarter size electric guitar in inches?
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What strings are best for three quarter size electric guitar?


How many three-quarter inches are there in 6 inches?

6/0.75 = 8Therefore, there are 8 three-quarter inches in six inches.

How big is a three quarter guitar?

25% smaller than a full-size guitar.

What are three electronic instruments used in jazz and rock?

Electric bass, electric guitar, and electric piano :)

How long is a three quarter sized acoustic guitar?

its smaller than a 1 and bigger than a two quarter

How many quarter inches are in three inches?

3 / (1/4) = 12

How many millimeters in one and three quarter inches?

1.75 inches = 44.45 millimeters

How many centimeters in 1 and three quarter inches?


How long quarter of foot?

3"A quarter of a foot is .25 feet, or three (3) inches.

What is a three word instrument?

the electric guitar.4 string bass

How many centimeters in 74 three quarter inches?

743/4 inches = 189.865 cm

How big was Mike Tysons neck?

19 and three quarter inches.

How much is 1 quarter of three inches?

3/4 of an inch

How many millimeters is one and three quarter inches?

44.45 millimeters.

Three famous people who played the electric guitar?

1. The Jonus Brothers

What is half of 1 foot 3 quarter inches?

6⅜″ (six and three eighths inches)

How is 3 inches in hundredths of afoot?

Three inches is a quarter of a foot. Twenty five is a quarter of one hundred so the answer is twenty five hundredths of a foot.

How many inches thick is a quarter?

The United States one quarter coin has a thickness of 1.75 millimetres, or, rounded to three significant figures, 0.0689 inches.

How many mm are there in seventy six and three quarter inches?

1,949.5 millimeters.

What is the size of a three quarter size antique rope bed?

A three quarter size bed is between a twin bed and a full bed. The measurements for a typical three quarters bed is 48 inches wide by 72 inches long.

Who are all the guitarists in Three Days Grace?

Electric/lead guitar = Barry Stock. Bass guitar = Brad Walst. Rhythm guitar = Adam Gontier.

What instruments are used in Time of Dying by Three Days Grace?

Electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, and vocals/vocal effects.

How big is 22 cm?

22 cm is approximately 8 and three quarter inches.

How many ft 3in are equal to 51 in?

There are four and a quarter feet in 51 inches or four feet, three inches.

What instruments are played in I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace?

Drums, electric guitar, and bass.