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it depens on the size of the father and mother. Pomeranians range from 3 to 7 pounds.

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How big is an average full grown teacup Pomeranian?

They grow about to 4 pounds

How big is a grown pomeranian?

I have a full grown pomeranian and also i have searched this question before. A grown pomeranian gets to be around 7lbs and around 14in. * Breed standard is 3-7lbs. I picked the biggest pup in the litter born to a little bit larger mother and my pom is a healthy 14lbs.

How big can a average dog be when it is full grown?


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Is 8.2 pounds too big for a pomeranian?

The average weight of a Pomeranian is at 3-7 lbs for both males and females. So I would assume that 8.2 lbs is big for a Pomeranian.

How big can a full grown dingo be?

average of 55cm high at shoulder but longer than the average dog of same height

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A full grown chicken brain is approximately the size of the fingernail on a small finger. Not very big at all.

Is 30 pounds for a pomeranian overweight?

The Average weight for the ideal pomeranian is around 3-7 pounds, but most pomeranians range from about 7-15 pounds... 30 pounds is pretty big for a pomeranian dog.

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12 big

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A catahoula has the average weight of: 50-90lbs, though I have a petite female who is full grown and only weighs 40lbs.

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a Pomeranian is bigger that a chihuahua but smaller than a Maltese

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7 miles

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=a pug can grow big but not bigger a labador!!=