How big is the Guardian Sphinx?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: How big is the Guardian Sphinx?
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Who were the Sphinx's and what did they do?

The Sphinx was to be the guardian of the tombs in the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Why is the Sphinx of Giza so big?

The Sphinx is big because the temple is big on the inside.

How big was the sphinx?

it was real big is was about 50ft tall

What are the release dates for Ancient Mysteries - 1994 Guardian of the Ages The Great Sphinx 4-21?

Ancient Mysteries - 1994 Guardian of the Ages The Great Sphinx 4-21 was released on: USA: 12 June 1997 USA: 12 June 1997

Is the SPHINX the same as the Great Pyramid?

No, it is not. The Sphinx is a giant statue of a lion with the head of a Pharaoh on it, in front of the largest of the three great Pyramids. It was likely intended as a sort of guardian for the pyramids.

How big is the entire sphinx of Egypt in length?

The full length of the Great Sphinx is 73.5 metres.

What is the big cat in Egypt called?

It is called the Sphinx

What was the sphinx entrusted to guard?

Historians haven't a clear idea as to the purpose of the sphinx. When is was found, this structure was buried in sand and only half her face could be seen. Noone could really say if the people of that time had to guard the sphinx and there is confusion whether the Sphinx was actually an original "Guardian or Protector" of the Mortuary Complex as Lions were known as protectors of the Netherworlds.

How big is the great Sphinx's body?

The body of the Great Sphinx's body is 200 ft (60m) in length and 65 ft (20m) tall.

What is one Egyptian cat that is big?

they are called sphinx and the are greatly worshipped

How big is the Great Sphinx of Giza?

8,000,800,000 feet in honor of the god Ra

Who unburied the great sphinx?

The stele that is between the paws of the Great Sphinx records a dream Tuthmosis IV had when he was a prince. He dreamt that he stopped to rest in the shadow of the Sphinx during a hunting expedition in the desert. While asleep, the Sphinx spoke to him, saying that he would become king if he cleared away the sand that all but buried the Sphinx. When he became king, Tuthmosis IV cleared the sand and erected a stele that tells the story of his dream. After the work was completed, a chapel was built next to the Sphinx to venerate this sun god.