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Im wondering the same thing. I have looked up "how big is the US congress" several times but each time it brings up random stuff. I wish i could help you

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Q: How big is the US Senate Chamber?
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Head of chamber for the US senate?

The Vice President

What is the name of the place the senate meets?

Senate Chamber The Senate Chamber

The highest seat in the senate chamber is occupied by who?

The President of the US Senate who is also the Vice President.

The congress of the US has how many chambers?

Congress has Two Chamber-The Senate and the House of Representatives

Who presides over the senate chamber?

The vice president is the one mandated by the constitution to preside over the senate chamber. He is the president of the Senate.

Is Senate an adjective?

No. The capitalized version refers to the US Senate, a proper noun. When used with other nouns (Senate chamber, Senate hearings), it is a noun adjunct. A related adjective is senatorial.

Which chamber of the Congress is known as the upper chamber?

The Senate.

What are the two houses for the US congress?

The Senate(upper chamber) and the House of Representatives (lower chamber) make up the bicameral legislature of the United States.

What does the US Senate Majority Leader do?

The Senate Majority Leader controlls the agenda of the chamber. An example would be scheduling debates and votes. Of course, He or She is a Senate Member of the Majority Party at the time.

What chamber is in the upper house of the legislative branch of US Government?

The senate is also called the upper house.

What colour is the Australian senate chamber?


What is the other name for the Senate?

Upper Chamber.

What chamber of congress has staggered terms?

The Senate.

Which chamber of congress has staggered terms?

The Senate

Where was Caeser when he was stabbed?

In the Senate chamber in Rome.

Who is elected chamber leader of the senate?

i dont no

Which chamber of congress uses a filibuster?

The Senate

Which is the strongest second chamber of the world?


Is the House considered the Upper House of Congress because it has more members than the Senate?

No, the Senate is the upper chamber and the House of Representatives is the lower chamber.

Where does the Senate work?

The Senate meets in the Senate Chamber which is in the U.S. capitol, Washington D.C., United States of America.

Where was Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial held?

The trial was held in the Senate chamber of the US Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Is chamber another name for the house or senate?

neither, sorry but the house meets in a chamber but i dont know the name of that chamber.

How many representatives are in the US Senate?

The US Senate has 100 members (Senators): 2 are elected from each of the 50 states.But the members of the US Senate are called senators and not "representatives." Representatives are what you call members of the other chamber of the US Congress - the House of Representatives. It has 435 members and the number is determined by the proportional population of the states.

Which chamber approves the appointment to the supreme court?


What is the name of the room where senators debate?

The Senate Chamber.