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Senate PresidentThe President of the US Senate is the Vice President of the US.

you got to write names on it

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Q: How is the President of the US Senate chosen?
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How are ambassadors chosen?

they are appointed by the president and ratified by the Senate

Is the vice president chosen by senate?

No, but he or she is the president of the Senate.

How many times has the vice president been chosen by the us senate?

just once

Who are US Supreme Court justices chosen and approved by?

US Supreme Court justices are chosen (nominated) by the President and approved by a simple majority vote of the Senate.

Does the us senate choose the supreme court justices?

Supreme Court justices are chosen by the president of the United States with the approval from the Senate.

What senate leadership position is not chosen from the elected body of Senators?

The Vice President is also President of the Senate

Cabinet members are chosen by the Senate Ture or false?

False. They are appointed by the president.

Who approves judges chosen by the president?

The Senate Judiciary Committee reviews the judges chosen by the President, and if approved, they are confirmed on the Senate floor. The President may receive nominations for judges from Senators.

Who always serves as president of senate?

The vice president of the US is the president of the US senate.

Is the president of the senate the president of the US?

No- The Vice-President presides over US senate.

What are the Requirements to be a cabinet member?

In the United States, prospective administration cabinet members are first selected and nominated by the president. They must be confirmed by the senate before becoming a member of the president's cabinet.

Who serves as a president of the US senate?

The vice-president of the United States is the president of the US senate.