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a scorpion can grow up to 7 1/4 inches (including the tail)

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What is the biggest scorpion ever recorded?

the biggest scorpion ever recorded is 1500kg in pakistan

How big is a scorpion?

A scorpion can be as big as a adults hand. Trust me I saw one in Mexico

What is the largest scorpion ever found?

The biggest scorpion which lived was 2 meters long.

What is the biggest arachnid?

The biggest arachnid is the Indian Scorpion, on average it grows to be 11.5" long.

Does a female scorpion have a big foot?


What to do if stung by a scorpion?

if the scorpion is huge it is ok if its little it is bad but you need to go to the doctor big or little

Could a scorpion eat a rat?

I'm sure that it could be possible, it just depends on how big the scorpion is !

Can a scorpion kill a cat?

Well, i guess it really depends on witch type of cat and scorpion and how big they are!

How poisonous are New Mexico scorpion stings?

if the scorpion was big then not so bad but if it was small then its very bad

What is the biggest scorpion in the world?

The emperor scorpion from Africa. It averages about 8 inches in length. My understanding though is that the potency of the scorpion sting is inversely proportional to its body size, meaning the smaller they are the worse the sting.

What eats a spider in the desert?

a big scorpion, with it's big claws, and big stinger in the back.

How big can a scorpion fish get?

A fully-grown scorpion fish is 3 ft long and weighs 7 pounds.

How much does a scorpion fish weigh?

depends how big they are.

How big are the babies scorpion when they born?

2 cm

Is biggest a noun?

NO, biggest is an adjective; the superlative form of big (big, bigger, biggest).

Which arachnid is the strongest?

the scorpions or its big leader emperor scorpion

How venomous is the scorpion?

depends on how big they are. the smaller they are the more poisones they are

Which is the biggest big cat?

A Siberian Tiger is the biggest big cat

What kind of adjective is biggest?

The adjective 'biggest' is the superlative form for the adjective 'big': big, bigger, biggest

Who would win a fight between a giant scorpion or a tarantula?

I belive the scorpion would win. There are just too many wepons for the scorpion. The ability to hold its pray while it attacks is a big one.

How big was the biggest tomato?


How big is the biggest germ?


How big is a scorpion fish?

It can reach lengths up to 3 feet.

Can you feed your empe ror scorpion a mouse?

yes as long a they are not to big

How big is a normal sized scorpion?

slightly smaller than your hand

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