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20 US gallons

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Q: How big is the gas tank for a 2004 Nissan 350z?
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How big is the Nissan Altima 2005 gas tank?

The Nissan Altima 2005 has a 20.0 gal. Fuel Tank

How big is a 1994 Nissan sentra gas tank?

13.5 gallons

How big is Nissan Cube gas tank?

The fuel capacity of a 2011 Nissan Cube 1.8 is 13.2 gallons.

How big of gas tank in you 1997 Nissan truck?

When owning a car, a person should know the gas tank size of the car. The 1997 Nissan truck has a gas tank size of 15.9 gallons.

How big is the diesel tank on 2004 tdci mondeo?


How big is the gas tank on a 2004 Cadillac CTS?

18 gallions...

How big of tires can you go on your 2004 Nissan frontier with out having to do any mods?

31x10.50x15 depends on how big your Rims are

How big is a 2004 buick laseber gas tank?

17.5 gallons, approximately

How big is a ford 2004 mondeo fuel tank?

58.5 litres 58.5 litres

How big is the gastank on a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder?

3.2L Diesel Tank is normally 80 litres. 80 litres = 21.133 US gallons.

Will the tailights of a Nissan hardbody fit a Nissan Pathfiner?

no they are to big

How long is a big fish tank?

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