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The red tailed catfish can grow upto 5 feet in length depending on its habitat and how the fish is fed.

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How long a red tailed catfish can stay out of the water depends on the fish in question and how moist the fish's gills are.

sinking pellets to fishes and shrimps

Red tailed hawk is "14-20in." Big

they get like about 8cm

big snakes, other big carnivours.

I would use Tandannus tandannus (Eal tailed catfish)

because regular cats have babys and sometimes the male cat eats the babys, South American Red tailed Catfish eat Corydoras Tiger Shovelnose eat small pleco and corydoras channel catfish eat flagtail and porthole cats

The red tailed hawk is 18-26 inches long, it's wingspan is 45-52 inches, and 24.36- 51.54 ounces.

A red-tailed shark female and a red-tailed shark male.

Yes , they can if you have a big tank.

In my opinion, it would be the South American Red-Tailed Catfish. It grows up to 8ft. and I have one at home, and he is 3ft. so far. I'd say any type of catfish is hard to kill.

It depends how big your Koi is and how big the Catfish is. If the catfish can fit in the Koi's mouth than it will get eaten.

They can get up to 6-13 feet long

Red tailed hawks are protected

No , they don't. I have a red tail with 6 guppies and there fine. (In a big tank though)

No the red tailed hawk is not a mammal but a bird.

Any living thing is an organism. Red tailed hawks are alive, and therefore red tailed hawks are organisms.

The biggest catfish ever caught was 646lbs.

red tailed hawks protect by their claws.

Red-tailed monkey was created in 1799.

No..... A RED tailed hawk is not purple

red tailed hawks are common in north america

The red tailed hawk evolved here.

when doe the color start to change with a red tail catfish

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